Catholic Identity Statement

The NDNU Board of Trustees approved the following statement in May 2012 to express how NDNU’s Catholic heritage informs and directs the mission of the university. This is a living document, expressing the university’s mission and identity in the light of today’s world and conditions, and like the university itself, will undoubtedly evolve and adapt as conditions change.

As a Catholic institution of higher learning, Notre Dame de Namur University draws its character from three sources:

  • the charism of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, with its spirit of goodness, justice, hope and service to humanity, which encourages us to provide access for the underserved in our society;
  • Catholic Social Teaching, which insists that human institutions and relationships be based on a recognition of the dignity of all human beings and demands social and economic justice for all; and
  • the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, which celebrates the compatibility of faith and reason and welcomes an open and free dialogue among persons of differing religious and intellectual traditions.

Building on that foundation, NDNU is committed to achieving academic excellence while educating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Students are introduced to the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame de Namur Learning Community, which urge us to acknowledge the goodness of God by working for justice and peace in the world. Both within and outside of the classroom, students are exposed to the broader dimensions of their academic work through community engagement projects, and are encouraged to see themselves as active agents of change.

As a university, we seek to create a community of mutual respect and mutual learning among our diverse members, believing that an active and vibrant conversation, open to a wide variety of opinion and belief, is necessary to the informed search for truth. Our campus maintains an active faith community that thrives on the spiritual participation of members from all backgrounds and traditions.

At NDNU, our identity shapes our actions. We strive to empower all members of our community with, in St. Julie Billiart’s words, “the courage to do God’s work in our world,” by honoring the dignity and sacredness of each person and embracing the gift of diversity that enriches our campus.

Last updated May 2012