Core Values

Our core values are listed in alphabetical order. There is no ranking implied. Commitments following each value elaborate rather than define the values.


  • A commitment to build a diverse, collaborative, open and student-centered community that holds itself and its members accountable to learn, serve, work and grow together in partnership
  • A commitment to share the responsibility of governance and to create transparency and accountability in our decision-making


  • Commitments to celebrate, embrace, value and learn from the voices, perspectives and experiences of all our community members
  • A commitment to ensure that the university offers its students, faculty and staff of diverse backgrounds opportunities that are accessible and fair to all constituents
  • A commitment to seek and respect diverse points of view in the academic arena


  • A commitment to excellence in every academic and professional pursuit


  • A commitment to demonstrate the goodness of God by our actions on behalf of each person and all creation
  • A commitment to value life as an ongoing spiritual journey of deepening relationship with self, others and the Divine


  • A commitment to honor the sacredness and dignity of each person and the development of the whole person through our collaborative practices
  • A commitment to match our actions and our words


  • A commitment to enhance the application of ethics, justice and peace at the personal, community and global levels


  • A commitment to innovative learning of what is necessary for life, both as a directed process and as a lifelong practice
  • A commitment to the search for truth, knowledge and meaning
  • A commitment to keep alive the tradition of Catholic social teaching


  • A commitment to community-based learning and other forms of service