Tutorial Center

The Tutorial Center is part of the Student Success Center at Notre Dame de Namur University. With the goal of helping students become independent and effective learners, we provide friendly and free learning support services to all NDNU students. Our services range from building basic study skills to preparing for admission to graduate school. We also facilitate academic success workshops.

Tutorial assistance is offered in many lower and upper division courses. Please look at the schedule below to see if and when the assistance is offered. We also offer rudimentary English assistance to international students. For help in writing papers or general English assistance, please check out the Writing Center schedule.

We are equipped with PC computers and a printer for academic use and for the purpose of math placement testing.

Tutee (Student) Guidelines


  • Drop-in tutoring is on first-come, first-serve basis. Tutors are instructed to assist you for 15-20 minutes if other students are waiting.
  • Be prepared. The more you are prepared the better your tutor can assist you. Tutors cannot work out your homework problems for you, but they will be glad to guide you through difficult concepts.
  • Bring your textbook and class notes. Your tutors need to refer to these materials to better assist you.
  • Sign in when you come to the Tutorial Center.


  • Please check the tutor’s schedule for a convenient time.
  • Follow the above guidelines to receive services.


The Student Success Center is located in the Campus Center (off of the quad, close to the cafeteria)