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Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in the Campus Center building and directly across from the Student Life and Leadership Office, is the place on campus where teachers, tutors and students meet to collaborate on all aspects of writing, from basic grammar to advanced editing.

All NDNU students may come to the Center for assistance with their writing and any course assignments requiring writing. It is also possible to take writing tutorials for credit (ENG2000). Friendly instructors and capable tutors make the Writing Center a valuable resource for NDNU students.

Exact hours vary from semester to semester, so check the current schedule before visiting. Appointments, which must be made in person, are encouraged; however, it is often possible to drop in and receive help immediately or after a short wait.

Become a Writing Center Tutor

Tutoring in the Writing Center is both challenging and fun. Working one-on-one with other NDNU students, you can share your expertise, provide encouragement and further your own understanding of English grammar and composition. The expertise you gain will support your professional development no matter what career you pursue.

The Writing Center offers several options for students interested in tutoring:

  • Academic credit
  • Work-study
  • Paid positions for senior tutors

Scheduling is flexible, and undergraduate tutors have the opportunity to work closely with English faculty.

If you are interested in becoming a Writing Center tutor, contact Courtney Ghan at

Weekly Workshops

These workshops are open to all students on a drop in basis.

  • Grammar Workshop: Monday, noon-1 p.m., Marc Wolterbeek
  • Writing Workshop: Wednesday, noon-1 p.m., Marc Wolterbeek


Courtney Ghan, Writing Center Director

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