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Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Biology program is structured to provide interdisciplinary study in the Natural Sciences and to promote interaction among faculty and students in all fields. The Biology major provides students with the breadth of knowledge and strong skills necessary for careers in the biological sciences. By choosing elective courses with their advisor, Biology majors can focus their studies in Cell and Molecular Biology, Organismal Biology, Forensic Science, and Environmental Science.


Learning Outcomes

At the completion of a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, a graduate will have:

  • Developed the ability to communicate effectively through oral and written formats
  • Acquired an appreciation of the impact of science on society
  • Identified, explored, and developed a career and continuing education plan
  • Developed critical thinking skills and laboratory techniques so as to be capable of designing, carrying out, and interpreting scientific experiments
  • Developed a thorough understanding of and been able to describe the relationship between structure and function at the molecular, cellular, and organismal level


Degree Requirements

In addition to major requirements, students must meet General Education requirements and General Degree requirements. Students anticipating graduate study should consult the individual schools to which they intend to apply for specific undergraduate course requirements.


Prerequisites                                                                                                    Units

BIO1101/1101L                  General Biology I with Lab (3/1)                           4

BIO1103/1103L                  General Biology II with Lab (3/1)                         4

CHE1202/1202L                General Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                       4

CHE1204/1204L                General Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)                     4

CHE2203/2203L                Organic Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                       4

CHE2205/2205L                Organic Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)                     4

MTH1216                            Precalculus with Trigonometry                               4

One Mathematics course from the following:                                                     3–4

MTH1320                       Calculus I (4)**

MTH1322                       Applied Calculus (4)
MTH2502                       Statistics
Two semesters of College Physics or two semesters of                                        8

Physics for Scientists with Labs:

PHY1203/1203L           College Physics I with Lab (4)
PHY1205/1205L           College Physics II with Lab (4)
PHY1304/1304L           Physics for Scientists I with Lab** (4)
PHY1306/1306L           Physics for Scientists II with Lab** (4)


**Highly recommended for future medical, dental, veterinary medicine, or graduate students.


Total Prerequisites                                                                                         39-40


Major Requirements                                                                                       Units

BIO2200/2200L                  Developmental Biology with Lab (3/1)                 4

BIO2210/2210L                  Human Physiology with Lab (3/2)                         5

BIO2215/2215L                  Genetics with Lab (3/1)                                        4

BIO2275/2275L                  General Microbiology with Lab (3/2)                    5

One course and Lab from the following:                                                             4

BIO2277/2277L            Immunology with Lab (3/1)

CHE2370/2370L            Biochemistry I with Lab (3/1)

Upper-division electives in Biology, approved by the advisor***                        8


Total Major Requirements                                                                            30

Other Degree Requirements* and General Electives                                           57
*Other degree requirements include General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements (e.g., U.S. History).


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                 124


Biology Elective Courses                                                                                

BIO2108/2108L                  Contemporary Environmental Issues (3/1)

BIO2114/2114L                  An Introduction to the Diverse World of Plants (3/1)

BIO2124                              Forensic Science (4)

BIO2132/2132L                  General Ecology (3/1)

BIO2138C/2138L               Environmental Toxicology (CE) (3/1)

BIO2143/2143L                  Invertebrate Zoology (3/1)

BIO2148/2148L                  Vertebrate Zoology (3/1)

BIO2205/2205L                  Human Anatomy (3/1)

BIO2252/2252L                  Cellular and Molecular Biology (3/1)

BIO2354                              Molecular Biology for Computer Scientists

BIO2465                              Natural Sciences Seminar (1)

BIO2884                              Research (1-3)

BIO2994                              Laboratory Assistant (1-3)

BIO2997                              Honors Thesis Research (2-4)

BIO2999                              Independent Study in Biology (1-3)

CHE2210/2210L                Chemical Analysis and Instrumental Methods (3/2)

CHE2312/2312L                Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences (3/1)

CHE2370/2370L                Biochemistry I (3/1)

CHE2375/2375L                Biochemistry II (3/1)

NSC2012                             Introduction to Nutrition

PHY2000C               Science in Action (CE) (4)

Minor in Biology


Required Courses                                                                                           Units

BIO1101/1101L                  General Biology I with Lab (3/1)                          4

BIO1103/1103L                  General Biology II with Lab (3/1)                         4

One of the following Chemistry options:                                                             3-8

CHE1101                        Introductory Chemistry

One year of General Chemistry with Labs

CHE1202/1202L      General Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)

CHE1204/1204L       General Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)

Upper-division units in Biology, approved by Department Chair                         12


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                 31

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