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Minor in Environmental Justice

The Department of Natural Science offers a minor in Environmental Justice. Environmental Justice is concerned with the process through which inequalities arise from social, political, and environmental decision-making, actions, and policies. At the local, regional, national and international levels, environmental justice is interested in the mechanisms that give rise to class, gender and racial disparities.


This interdisciplinary minor integrates community-based learning, laboratory/fieldwork, and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) into required courses.


Requirements                                                                                                                       Units

BIO2108/2108L        Contemporary Environmental Issues with Lab (3/1)                4

HST2440                    Environmental History/Environmental Justice                         4

NSC2880                    Environmental Justice Capstone                                                4

Plus two courses from the following:                                                                            6 – 8
BUS2104               Economics of Environment

BUS2116               Economic Development in Less Developed Countries (CDiv)

NSC2001               Science/Technology in Developing Countries (CDiv)

NSC2018               Nutrition/Health in Developing Countries (CDiv)

PHL2220              Philosophy and the Environment

REL2620              Way of the Earth (CDiv)

SOC2625               Animals, People, and the Environment (4)

SOC2692               Animals, People, and the Environment – Field (1)

Other elective courses may be used as electives at the discretion of the advisor (3-4)


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                           18-20

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