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The Pre-Nursing Program in partnership with Samuel Merritt University (SMU) in Oakland, CA, provides students the opportunity to complete a two-year liberal arts and science curriculum at NDNU. Students who complete this curriculum with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and meet other SMU transfer requirements will then be eligible to apply for acceptance to SMU to complete the remaining two years of nursing and clinical courses required to earn a BS in Nursing degree at SMU.


For specific SMU transfer eligibility policies and requirements, please consult with the Program Director.


General Education and General Degree Requirements                       Units

IDS1200                      Freshman Year Seminar                                               3
ENG1030                   Freshman Composition                                                3
ENG1040                   Classics of World Literature I                                      3
HST2410                     Modern Times                                                             3
PSY1001                     Introduction to Psychology                                         3

REL2250                    Religions of the World                                                            3
One Art History course from the following:                                                    3

ART1201                    Art through Time: An Art History Survey
ART2201                    Art History: Modern Art

ART2205                    Art History: Art of the Americas

ART2210                    Art History: Art in Business and Industry
ART2215                    Art History: Contemporary Art since 1945

ART2220                    Art History: Postmodern World in Art

ART2225                    Art History: Medieval

ART2230              Art History: Art and Religion of the Far East

One Communication-based course from the following:                                   3

HSP2203                     Communication Skills
SOC2417                     Interpersonal and Intercultural Communication

One Cultural Diversity course from the following:                                          3

CUL2232                    Latino and Hispanic Experience in the USA
HSP2248                     Managing Cultural Diversity
HST2340                     America’s Ethnic History
SOC2401                     Race and Ethnicity
SOC2433                     Cross-Cultures and Subcultures

One Philosophy course from the following:                                                    3

PHL1001                    Introduction to Philosophy
PHL2230                    Ethics and Professional Responsibility
PHL2235                    Bioethics

One Sociology course from the following:                                                       3

SOC1001                     Introduction to Sociology
SOC1009                     Cultural Anthropology

One United States History course from the following:                                                3
HST1020                     United States History

HST2300                     American History, 1607 – 1877

HST2310                     American History, 1877 – Present


Total General Education Requirements                                                  36


Prerequisites                                                                                                Units 
BIO1101/1101L         General Biology I with Lab (3/1)                                4
BIO1103/1103L         General Biology II with Lab (3/1)                              4
CHE1202/1202L        General Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                            4


Total Prerequisites                                                                                      12


Major Requirements                                                                                               Units

BIO2205/2205L         Human Anatomy with Lab (3/1)                                4
BIO2210/2210L         Human Physiology with Lab (3/2)                              5
BIO2275/2275L         General Microbiology with Lab (3/2)                         5
MTH2502                   Statistics                                                                      3
PSY2150                     Lifespan Development                                                            3
NSC2012                     Introduction to Nutrition                                            3


Total Major Requirements                                                                         23


Total Unit Requirement                                                                             71

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