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Preprofessional Preparation for the Medical and Allied Health Fields

Lisa Bjerknes, M.D.


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This track provides the student the greatest flexibility in selecting classes and creating a preprofessional experience that best suits his/her needs. It is most appropriate for those students interested in becoming a medical professional who have already completed some of their preprofessional preparation or those interested in preparing for an allied health program.


Advising support is a highly valued component of the program. Students receive assistance designing, prioritizing, and obtaining extracurricular experiences that will enhance their education, preparation for professional work, and school application.


Medical Professions

Students within this track will select classes that meet professional school prerequisites, prepare for entrance exam(s), and/or prepare for the rigor of their graduate program. Students planning to submit a postgraduate application to medical, osteopathic, chiropractic, podiatric, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, or any other graduate program should consult, at an early date, the individual schools to which they plan to apply for specific undergraduate course requirements.


Any baccalaureate program can be acceptable; however, certain courses are either required or recommended and cover topics included on the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Generally, these include:


Courses                                                                                                               Units

BIO1101/1101L      General Biology I with Lab (3/1)                                       4

BIO1103/1103L      General Biology II with Lab (3/1)                                     4

CHE1202/1202L     General Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                                   4

CHE1204/1204L     General Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)                                 4

CHE2203/2203L     Organic Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                                   4

CHE2205/2205L     Organic Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)                                 4

One writing course from the following:                                                               3

ENG2108            Advanced Writing

NSC2432             Writing for the Sciences

MTH—-                   Statistics and Calculus (consult advisor)                             8

PHY1203/1203L     College Physics I with Lab (3/1)                                        4

PHY1205/1205L     College Physics II with Lab (3/1)                                       4


Additional Courses                                                                                            

BIO2200/2200L      Developmental Biology with Lab (3/1)                             4

BIO2210/2210L      Human Physiology with Lab (3/2)                                     5

BIO2215/2215L      Genetics with Lab (3/1)                                                    4

BIO2275/2275L      General Microbiology with Lab (3/1)                                4

CHE2370/2270L     Biochemistry I with Lab (3/1)                                           4

CHE2375/2275L     Biochemistry II with Lab (3/1)                                          4


Admissions committees of medical-related schools look for persons of high ability in science as demonstrated in course work and independent investigations. In addition, students should show strong analytical skills and motivation as well as a practical exposure to the field of medicine.


Allied Health Professions

Preparation for the allied health professions depends heavily upon the particular area of healthcare involved; a wide range of baccalaureate programs may meet requirements. In general, however, the minimum preparation for these professions may consist of the following courses:


Courses                                                                                                               Units

BIO2205/2205L            Human Anatomy with Lab (3/1)                                  4

BIO2210/2210L            Human Physiology with Lab (3/2)                                5

BIO2275/2275L            General Microbiology with Lab (3/1)                           4

CHE1202/1202L           General Chemistry I with Lab (3/1)                              4

MTH2502                      Statistics                                                                        3

NSC2012                        Introduction to Nutrition                                              3


Preparation may additionally include the following courses:

BIO1101/1101L            General Biology I with Lab (3/1)                                 4

BIO1103/1103L            General Biology II with Lab (3/1)                                4

CHE1204/1204L           General Chemistry II with Lab (3/1)                            4

PHY1203/1203L           College Physics I with Lab (3/1)                                   4

PHY1205/1205L           College Physics II with Lab (3/1)                                 4


Certain allied health professions may require preparation closely resembling the requirements for premedical programs. Students are advised to consult at an early date the schools to which they intend to apply to be certain of requirements.

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