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The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, minors in Philosophy and in Religious Studies, and the opportunity to create an interdisciplinary major or interdisciplinary minor involving one or both of these areas.


Students who choose to major in philosophy gain both a sound historical background in the subject and an opportunity to develop logical and critical thinking skills that equip them to consider for themselves a variety of enduring and contemporary philosophical questions. Completing a major in philosophy is excellent preparation for graduate study and for careers in law, social services, and education.


Learning Outcomes

Through their studies in Philosophy at NDNU, students will be able to:

  • Understand and critically analyze complex philosophical texts
  • Construct and present sound and well-developed arguments and case-studies, orally and in writing
  • Show a solid grounding in the history of philosophy and make illuminating comparisons between the approaches of different thinkers and traditions with respect to basic ethical, epistemological, and metaphysical questions
  • Apply critical thinking and the principles of ethical action to important social questions and show an understanding of the connections of philosophy to justice and power
  • Articulate a well-reasoned personal stance on fundamental questions of meaning, reality, and value


Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

In addition to major requirements, students must meet General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements.


Prerequisites                                                                                                       Units

Two courses from the following:                                                                           6

PHL1001                     Introduction to Philosophy
PHL1200/2200           Moral Problems

PHL2301                      Logic


Total Prerequisites                                                                                            6


Major Requirements                                                                                          Units

PHL2100              Ancient Philosophy                                                                  3

PHL2105              Modern Philosophy                                                                  3

PHL2110              Nineteenth Century Philosophy                                               3

PHL2997              Senior Thesis                                                                            3

Upper-division electives in Philosophy                                                                  15


Total Major Requirements                                                                               27

Other Degree Requirements* and General Electives                                              91
*Other degree requirements include General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements (e.g., Career Development, U.S. History).


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                    124


Minor in Philosophy


Required Courses                                                                                                Units

Fifteen units, 3 lower-division and 12 upper-division,

distributed as follows:

One course from the following:                                                                             3

PHL1001          Introduction to Philosophy
PHL1200/2200 Moral Problems

PHL2100              Ancient Philosophy                                                                 3

PHL2105              Modern Philosophy                                                                 3

PHL2110              Nineteenth Century Philosophy                                               3

Upper-division elective in Philosophy                                                                   3


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                   15

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