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Pre-Law Minor

Dr. Stephen Cole


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The Pre-Law Minor at Notre Dame de Namur University is an interdisciplinary program that helps students prepare for law school by enhancing their critical thinking and writing skills and giving them substantial understanding of the social, cultural, historical, economic, and political development of the law in the U.S. and the world. The minor is designed for students who plan to attend law school or are interested in careers in fields closely related to the legal profession. Although the program is hosted by the Department of History and Political Science, students in any major in the undergraduate day school may participate.


The most common undergraduate majors for law students nationwide are Political Science, History, and English. Nevertheless, the American Bar Association (ABA) does not recommend any particular major as the best preparation for law school. Instead, the ABA recommends that pre-law students take “a broad range of difficult courses from demanding instructors” and “seek courses and other experiences that will engage you in critical thinking about important issues, challenge your beliefs, and improve your tolerance for uncertainty.” NDNU’s Pre-Law Minor has been designed with these factors in mind.


Prerequisites                                                                                                      Units

HST2320               Modern America                                                                      3

PHL2301              Logic                                                                                        3

PSC1000               Introduction to American Government                                   3


Total Prerequisite Units                                                                                   9

These courses may be used to fulfill other requirements, including General Degree Requirements.

Required Courses                                                                                               Units  

ENG2108             Advanced Writing                                                                    3

PSC2320               The Constitution                                                                      3

PSC2340               Legal Reasoning*                                                                      3


*Students majoring in Political Science may not take PSC 2340 to fulfill their major requirements.


These courses may be used to fulfill other requirements, including General Degree Requirements.

Elective –  6 units from any of the following:                                                     6

ENG1041             Classics of World Literature II

ENG2200             Survey of American Literature I

ENG2201             Survey of American Literature II

ENG2400             British Literature: Myth, Epic, and Romance

ENG2403             British Literature: The Age of Elizabeth

ENG2408             British Literature: Enlightenment and Revolution

ENG2412             British Literature: Modernism and Postmodern

HST2110              History of Political and Social Thought

HST2120              Modern Western Thought

HST2330              History and Politics of the Civil Rights Movement

in the United States (CDiv)

HST2440C            Environmental History/Environmental Justice (CE) (4)

PHL2100              Ancient Philosophy

PHL2200              Moral Problems

PHL2210              Political and Social Philosophy

PHL2235              Bioethics

PHL2410              Women and Philosophy (CDiv)

PSC2110               International Relations

PSC2301C            State and Local Government (CE) (4)

PSC2330               Gender and the Law

SOC2309              Criminology

SOC2317              Deviant Behavior

SOC2345              The Color of Crime: Race and Criminal Justice (CDiv)

SOC2349              Youth, Crime and Society

SOC2527              Urban Sociology (CDiv) (4)

SOC2725              Social Problems (CDiv) (4)


Note: Students must take these 6 elective units from courses other than their majors.


Total Unit Requirement     24

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