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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology is offered by the Department of Psychology and Sociology. The degree is offered as both a traditional day and a part-time evening major. The evening psychology major does not differ from the day curriculum in any way although some evening courses are offered in accelerated format for qualified students.


Psychology is the branch of science that studies human behavior and mental processes. The department offers a strong general psychology curriculum as recommended by the American Psychological Association. The General Education consists of basic course work spanning the different subfields of psychology from the clinical to the social and the experimental.


Special emphasis is placed on helping the psychology student develop analytic skills and interdisciplinary perspectives through lively classroom work, individual research, and study in the major areas of psychology. Community-based learning has become a focus of the program, giving students an opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse communities and participate in multiple community organizations. Students are encouraged to develop their own personalized curriculum after fulfilling the core courses to equip them to bring innovation and interpersonal knowledge to their initial employment or to go on to graduate work.


Learning Outcomes

Students completing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology will be able to:

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in the areas of psychology
  • Understand and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, review of professional literature, data analysis, and interpretation
  • Demonstrate and/or apply critical thinking and, when possible, the scientific approach to solve psychological problems while understanding the limitations of the scientific approach
  • Understand the role and value of community engagement and demonstrate the skills of assessing community need, working with diverse communities, and becoming a change agent
  • Demonstrate empathy, tolerance of ambiguity, and ethical behavior, and apply effective strategies for psychological growth


Undergraduate Psychology majors who are interested in NDNU’s Art Therapy graduate program are encouraged to also minor in Art.


Psychology Articulated Programs

Undergraduate Psychology offers special articulated programs with NDNU’s graduate

programs in Art Therapy and Clinical Psychology and with NDNU’s Special Education

degree programs. Articulated programs allow qualified students in their last year of

undergraduate work to begin study for the master’s degree while completing the bachelor’s

degree. They are allowed to enroll in up to 6 units of selected graduate course work that

fulfill the undergraduate psychology elective requirements while also counting those graduate

units toward the master’s degree.


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

In addition to major requirements, students must meet General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements.


Prerequisites                                                                                                             Units

PSY1001                    Introduction to Psychology                                                       3

One of the following courses:                                                                                       3

MTH1111      Statistical Concepts

MTH2502*     Statistics

*MTH2502 is highly recommended for students who are going on to graduate school.


Total Prerequisites                                                                                                   6


Major Requirements                                                                                                           Units

PSY2101                    Personality Theory                                                                     3

PSY2109W                Research Methods (Writing Intensive)                                      4

PSY2117                    Psychobiology                                                                            3

PSY2125                    Cognitive Psychology                                                                 3

PSY2133                    Social Psychology                                                                      3

One of the following courses:                                                                                       3-4

PSY2141        Developmental Psychology

PSY2149C      Developmental Psychology in the

Classroom and Community (CE) (4)

PSY2150        Lifespan Development

One of the following courses:                                                                                       3-4

PSY2157        Abnormal Psychology
PSY2157W    Abnormal Psychology (Writing Intensive) (4)

One of the following courses:                                                                                       3-4

PSY2180        History and Systems of Psychology (Capstone)

PSY2180W    History and Systems of Psychology                                            4

(Capstone/Writing Intensive) (4)

Upper-division Psychology (or other approved) elective courses                                  9


Total Major Requirements                                                                                      34-37

Other Degree Requirements* and General Electives                                                     81-84
*Other degree requirements include General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements (e.g., U.S. History).


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                         124

Minor in Psychology


Required Courses                                                                                                    Units

PSY1001               Introduction to Psychology                                                           3

Upper-division units in Psychology                                                                             12


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                         15


Psychology Elective Courses

Any upper-division PSY course or courses listed below can also be used as electives for the Psychology major or minor:

BIO2124               Forensic Science (4)

PHL2400             Philosophy of Science

PHL2405              Philosophy of Mind

PSC2410               Political Psychology

SOC2201C            Social Change through Social Service I (CE)

SOC2205C            Social Change through Social Service II (CE)

SOC2301               The Family (CDiv)

SOC2309               Criminology

SOC2317               Deviant Behavior

SOC2333               Social Issues in the Community

SOC2341               Crime in American Society

SOC2349               Youth, Crime, and Society

SOC2401               Race and Ethnicity (CDiv)

SOC2417               Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication (CDiv)

SOC2425               Cultures, Communities, and Criminality (CDiv)

SOC2502C            Exploring the Inner World of the Inner City (CDiv) (CE) (4)

SOC2504C            The Promise of the Inner City (CDiv) (CE) (4)

SOC2512               Sports, Service, and Society (1)

SOC2601               Animals in Society (1)

SOC2609               The Animal-Human Bond

SOC2617               Teaching, Learning, and Healing through Animals

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