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Religious Studies 

Dr. Marianne Delaporte
(650) 508-4181

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and in Religious Studies, minors in Philosophy and in Religious Studies, and the opportunity to create an interdisciplinary major or interdisciplinary minor.

Students who major in Religious Studies study the meaning and relevance of Christian belief and gain an understanding of the essential nature of the religious dimensions of life; they also acquire a knowledge and appreciation of the variety and richness of religious beliefs throughout our world, particularly the special concern for justice, compassion, and community common to them all. Completing a major in Religious Studies is excellent preparation for graduate studies and for careers in Catholic education, nonprofit work, or ministry.

Learning Outcomes

Through their education in Religious Studies, students will be able to:

  • Understand and be able to critically analyze complex theological, biblical, and historical texts
  • Investigate and understand how religious and theological traditions can work effectively for social justice and for the good of humanity and the environment
  • Show a solid grounding in the history of Christianity with special emphases on the Catholic tradition, particularly that stemming from liberation and feminist theologies
  • Make illuminating comparisons between the approaches of different thinkers and traditions with respect to basic ethical, theological, and historical questions

Use critically and thoughtfully the methods of modern critical biblical scholarship

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

In addition to major requirements, students must meet General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements.

Prerequisites Units
REL1000 Introduction to the Old Testament 3
REL1005 Introduction to the New Testament 3
Total Prerequisites 6


Major Requirements Units
REL1250 Religions of the World 3
REL2100 Jesus of History, Christ of Faith 3
REL2425 Liberation Theologies 3
REL2605 Women's Spirituality 3
REL2997 Senior Thesis 3
Upper-division Electives in Religious Studies 12
Total Major Requirements 27
Other Degree Requirements* and General Electives 91
Total Unit Requirement   124

*Other degree requirements include General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements (e.g., U.S. History).

Minor in Religious Studies

Minor Requirements Units
Fifteen units suggested as follows:
REL1250 Religions of the World 3
REL1300 Church and Sacraments 3
One course from the following: 3
REL1400 Challenged by Christian Ethics
REL1405 The Christian in Society
REL2145 Mystical Experience in the Religions of the Book
REL2255 Social Justice in the World Religions
REL2620 Way of the Earth
Electives in Religious Studies 6
Total Minor Requirements 15

Second Major

Students interested in a second major in Religious Studies may qualify by completing 24 upper-division units or eight courses in Religious Studies.