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Dr. Judy Buller
Program Director
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The Bachelor of Arts in Communication program provides students with hands-on experiences in journalism and communication as well as an understanding of the social and cultural impact of media. NDNU students are well prepared for positions in a vast range of fields such as journalism, public relations, corporate communication, and marketing. A strong internship program provides opportunities for practical application and access to job opportunities. The Argonaut is our award-winning newspaper and website that gives students an opportunity to dive into the process of news production from writing and editing to layout and advertising sales.  Students can earn a general degree in Communication or choose a concentration in Public Relations or Media Studies. Students in other majors are also able to obtain a minor in Communication.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Students will develop the ability to understand and demonstrate adherence to ethical principles and recognize the role diversity plays in all communication.
  • Students will develop the ability to critically evaluate the role of mass media’s effect on culture and its role in a democracy.
  • Students will develop their abilities in speech to inform or persuade using research and critical thinking skills.
  • Students will master the use of emerging technologies in all communication.
  • Students will develop the ability to write effectively in a clear, concise, and informative manner.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication

The undergraduate degree program requires 124 semester units of course credit (core major, electives, general education.) The communication program consists of 48 units of Core Major courses comprised of lower-division and upper-division.

Major Requirements  Units
COM1000 Introduction to Communication 3
COM1008 Oral Communication 3
COM1456L/2456L Media Production Lab 3
COM2440 Writing for the Media 3
COM2445 Social Media 3
COM2981 Communication Seminar 3
COM2990 Internship (CE)* 6
*At least 3 units must be completed in the nonprofit sector
One three-unit elective from the following or from other approved topics: 3
COM2416 Holocaust
COM2986 Special Topics approved by the advisor
21 elective units of upper-division course work in the major 21
Total Major Requirements  48
Other Degree Requirements* and Electives 76
Total Unit Requirement   124

*Other degree requirements include General Education Requirements and General Degree Requirements (e.g., U.S. History).

Areas of Concentration

Students may select one specialized area of courses as their concentration.
Concentration(s) available for selection are:

Media Studies  Units
One course from the following: 3
ART2401 Media Graphics: Graphic Design 3
ART2625 Photography 3
COM2408 Media, Politics, and Society 3
COM2428 Desktop Publishing 3
COM2449 Digital Communication I 3
COM2450 Digital Communication II 3
SOC2417 Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication (CDiv) 3
One elective in English or Political Science from the following 3
ENG2008 The Bohemian
ENG2010 Writing in the Disciplines
ENG2108 Advanced Writing
ENG2142 Creative Writing
ENG2144 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENG2148 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENG2152 Creative Writing: Playwriting
ENG2156 Creative Writing: Screenwriting
PSC2110 International Relations
PSC2301 State and Local Government (CE)
PSC2310 Parties, Politics, and Campaigning
PSC2320 The Constitution
PSC2330 Gender and the Law


Public Relations Units
One course from the following: 3
BUS1000 Foundations of Business
BUS2304 Market Analysis and Research
BUS2300 Marketing Principles 3
BUS2364 Advertising 3
COM1001/2001 Public Relations Principles 3
COM2502 Public Relations Writing 3
COM2510 Public Relations Cases and Campaigns 3
One approved Business elective from the following: 3
BUS2010 Professional Ethics and Social Responsibility
BUS2016 Change and Conflict Management
BUS2324 Channel Marketing
BUS2328 Service Marketing

Minor in Communication

Minors offer students in other Schools an opportunity to explore aspects of communication without the full commitment of completing the major. The minor in Communication comprises 15 units and is available to any undergraduate student in the University.

Minor Requirements   Units
COM1000 Introduction to Communication 3
COM1008 Oral Communication 3
A minimum of 9 units chosen from the Communication 9
Department, of which 6 units must be upper-division.
Total Minor Requirements 15