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FRE1001 Basic Practical French I (3)
Begins the study of French, using direct audiovisual method; focuses on lively, efficient, and fast learning of everyday practical vocabulary, basic grammar, and conversation.

FRE1008 Basic Practical French II (3)
FRE1001 or equivalent
Continuation of FRE1001.

FRE1016 Intermediate Conversation I (3)
FRE1008 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Students discuss various issues of French culture. Course includes short compositions written on those issues, grammar review, pronunciation and vocabulary building exercises, and extensive use of multimedia technology.

FRE1024 Intermediate Conversation II (3)
Continuation of FRE1016.

FRE1032 Grammar Review and Conversation (1-3)
FRE1016 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Offers an advanced grammar review. Includes discussion of French cultural issues, research using Internet in French, extensive conversation practice, and viewing of French media.

FRE2100 Advanced Conversation I (1-3)
FRE1024 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Provides in-depth discussion of issues in contemporary France. Students use French press and French websites in their research and oral presentations. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2108 Advanced Conversation II (1-3)
Study, discussion, and analysis of French TV programs and articles in the current press. Research on France and Francophone countries and written reports in French on the issues studied. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2116 Pronunciation in Cultural Context (1-3)
: FRE1024 or the equivalent
Practice of pronunciation and study of phonetics in discussing cultural and literary texts. Study of French idioms and acquisition of vocabulary. The course is conducted in French. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2124 French Society in Texts and Films (3)
Studies French culture and society in literary texts and press articles. Explores how cultural and social aspects of France are represented in films. The class is taught in French. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2126 French Culture and Gastronomy (3)
Study of the role of food and gastronomy in French life and culture: society, art, literature, films, and business. This course will also explore the Art of French Cuisine and its evolution in France and the French-speaking countries. Taught in French. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2128 Literature de Jeunesse (3)
Study of children and youth literature in France with a psychological and sociological approach to the texts. Examines myths and archetypes as well as social environment at various times in history, and studies the role of this literature in a child’s development. Students will develop their creative skills by writing their own story for children and presenting it to the class. Taught in French. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2132 The French Today (1-3)
Study and discussion of French behavior, institutions, and creations as well as social structure and values in France today. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2134 Introduction to French Civilization (3)
Studies important aspects of French culture and history through the centuries from the Middle Ages to Modern Time. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2140 Women in French Literature (3) (CDiv)
Study of women writers as well as the theme of women through French Literature and the image of women in France. Students learn about the condition of women in France and their struggle for freedom and equality in French society through literary texts and documents. A look at the immigrant women from North Africa and the effort to integrate into French society. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2886 Special Topics (1-3)
Offered as needed to satisfy the General Education requirement in Culture and Language.

FRE2994 Teaching Assistant (1-3)
Advanced undergraduate French students, through classroom observation, tutoring, and some teaching, are shown the techniques used in foreign language instruction. May be used as upper-division units in the minor. Satisfies a French Studies Minor requirement.

FRE2999 Independent Study (1-3)
Provides an opportunity for independent study or research in French under the direction of the instructor. See Undergraduate Policies and Procedures for more information on Independent Study.

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