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GER4110 Assessment in Clinical Gerontology (2)
Presents research relating behavior to the neurobiological bases of aging. Data on neural and hormonal systems is used in examining such complex behaviors as memory, learning, perception, and motivation along with the impact of aging on the brain processes. Topics studied include neuroanatomical structures and functions, neuroendocrine regulation of behavior, neuronal basis of perception, and attention; and assessment of healthy and dysfunctional aging via functional cognitive and behavioral assessment. Appropriate treatment plan, case management, and collaborative treatment with caregivers and healthcare providers will be emphasized. BBS 4980.37, 4980.40

GER4115 Biopsychosociospiritual Aspects of Aging (2)
Applied gerontology in the public and private sector is fostered. Studies current conditions involving the physical, social, spiritual, and psychological aspects of aging. Examines health concerns of older adults, including medical care, long-term care, nutrition, elder abuse, and Medicare and Medicaid. Exercise, stress, health, nutrition, and aging will be discussed. BBS 4980.37, 4980.40

GER4120 Psychotherapeutic Techniques in Aging (2)
Explores issues of aging, including spirituality, using major approaches to psychotherapy and comparative analysis of theories of change and the psychotherapeutic process in aging adults. BBS 4980.37, 4980.40

GER4135 Ethnicity and Aging (1)
Examines the characteristics and needs of various ethnic and minority aging groups and how government and other social institutions can respond to them. BBS 4980.37, 4980.40

GER4145 Dying, Death, and Bereavement (1)
Addresses the psychological reactions of terminally ill people and their families and examines appropriate therapeutic interventions related to the grief process. Fosters introspection of belief systems about dying, death, and bereavement. BBS4980.37, 4980.40

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