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SPA1001 Introduction to Spanish I (3)
Introduces the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Students develop listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with emphasis on communication and introduction to the culture of the Spanish-speaking world. Increasing use of the Internet opens up new worlds to the beginning language student.

SPA1008 Introduction to Spanish II (3)
: SPA1001 or equivalent
Continuation of SPA 1001.

SPA1016 Intermediate Spanish I (3)
SPA1008 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Students will continue developing their Spanish skills by reading, writing, researching, and conversing about actual issues facing a diverse community. Students will apply their learning in community-based learning activities that correspond to the focus of the class.

SPA1024 Intermediate Spanish II (3)
: SPA1016 or by permission of the instructor
This course continues building on the structures learned in Spanish 1016, Intermediate Spanish I, while introducing students to the practical application of Spanish to a project in the community, enhancing speaking abilities while learning outside the classroom. A prerequisite for a minor in Spanish Studies.

SPA2100 Advanced Spanish: Composition and Grammar Review (3)
SPA1024 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Building on preceding foundation courses, this course provides a guided development of writing skills in Spanish along with a review of grammatical structures, which generally need special attention at this level. Satisfies a Spanish Studies Minor requirement.

SPA2106 Spanish Conversation through Theatre (3)
Two years of college Spanish or its equivalent such as completion of SPA1024 Intermediate Spanish II, speaking Spanish at home or by permission of the instructor
ACTivate your Spanish through reading, discussing, and acting out one-act plays from some of the best known playwrights from the Spanish-speaking world. Emphasis is on improving your oral skills in Spanish while learning about theatre written in Spanish from Latin America, Spain, and the USA. Banish your inhibitions and have fun discovering how much you can communicate in Spanish after all.

SPA2108 La herencia cultural de latinoamérica (CDiv) (3)
SPA2100 or SPA2124 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
Taught in Spanish, this course gives a panoramic view of the culture and history of Latin America through journalistic and literary readings and film, not only in textbook form but also through the reading of daily newspapers via the Internet from countries all over the Spanish-speaking world. Satisfies a Spanish Studies minor requirement.

SPA2124 Spanish for a Bilingual World: Community Service and Business (3)
SPA1024 (i.e., fourth semester or equivalent) and basic fluency
This course is intended to help and prepare those who are working in community service agencies and offices where they are expected to perform a variety of tasks in Spanish for non-English speaking clients and patients. Assignments will focus on the writing of memos, e-mail, letters, and reports; filling out forms; interpreting and translating in role play situations; addressing groups in Spanish; and eliciting information. The content of the class will be tailored to the areas in which students either are or expect to be working during their internships and community service work. Visits to local agencies and companies will be included where possible.

SPA2125 Spanish for the Professions (3)
Two years of university-level Spanish or the equivalent or permission of the instructor
In almost all professional endeavors involving contact with the public, especially in California, the need for skills in Spanish arises constantly. This course prepares you to respond to that need. You will practice such skills as interviewing clients, writing letters and reports for your organization, interpreting on the spot, and translating. Materials will be selected depending on the fields in which members of the class expect to be or already are working or volunteering. Guest speakers will talk about their organizations and the language skills they find are needed, and site visits to local service organizations and businesses will be arranged whenever possible.

SPA2134 “Reel” Latin America: A Continent through Film (3)
SPA1024 or equivalent and/or Placement Test
We will examine various film interpretations of cultural, political, and social issues of Latin America, exploring the interweaving of the Native American, African, and European heritage. These films in Spanish will improve students’ skills in listening, understanding, writing, and speaking. Satisfies a requirement for the minor in Spanish Studies.

SPA2135 Introducción a la literatura latinoaméricana (3)
A minimum of two years of college-level Spanish or completion of SPA2108 or placement test or by permission of the instructor
An introduction to and exploration of short works of prose and poetry by male and female authors, representative of literature from many countries in Latin America since the Mexican Revolution of 1910. When available, films based on the original literary work will be viewed for comparison and discussion. This course may be taken more than once since each time it is offered it will explore different works and authors. Satisfies a Spanish Studies minor requirement.

SPA2136 Literature and Film of the Spanish-Speaking World (CDiv) (3)
SPA1024, Placement Test, minimum of two years of college Spanish or permission of instructor
Taught in Spanish, this course will integrate the study of film, fiction, and poetry from Spain, Latin American, and Latino USA. You will sharpen your critical eye, gain confidence in your interpretive skills, and enhance your writing ability in Spanish. Satisfies a requirement for the minor in Spanish Studies.

SPA2994 Teaching Assistant (1-3)
Advanced undergraduate Spanish students, through classroom observation, tutoring, and some teaching, are shown the techniques used in foreign language instruction. May be used as upper-division units in the minor.

SPA2999 Independent Study in Spanish (1-3)
Provides an opportunity for independent study or research in Spanish or Latin American Studies under the direction of the instructor. See Undergraduate Policies and Procedures for more information on Independent Study.

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