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Master of Arts in School Administration and Preliminary Administrative Services Credential

Joanne Rossi, Ed.D.

Program Director

(650) 508-3710


The Master of Arts in School Administration is offered in conjunction with the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. The Master of Arts (MA) in School Administration prepares students to serve as an administrator (superintendent, deputy superintendent, associate superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, assistant principal, supervisor, consultant, coordinator, or an equivalent intermediate-level administrative position) in public and private schools and districts. A paid administrative internship may be arranged on an as-needed basis in coordination with needs of the student’s school district.


The program includes courses that address the critical juncture between theory and practice in instructional leadership. Eleven units of the course work is taken in leadership, management, finance, and a specially designed human resource development course addressing the specific needs of educational leaders. Twelve additional units are taken within four courses that include field-based practicum assignments. To ensure instructional leadership, 6 units in curriculum design and implementation and assessment and evaluation are included in the required courses. A 1-unit capstone course will be offered during the candidate’s final year in the program.


Degree candidates are supported by University instructors as well as field-based partners in schools and districts during the program. The usual time between a student’s first and last courses is a two-calendar-year period. Courses are offered at convenient late afternoon-evening times and Saturdays.


Program-Specific Admission Requirements

In addition to the basic requirements, applicants to the Master of Arts and Credential in Administrative Services must meet the following requirements:


1. Proof of a bachelor’s degree

2. Valid Preliminary or Clear Multiple Subject or Single Subject Teaching Credential

3. Evidence (by transcript) of introductory courses in Psychology and Sociology or complete such courses by mid-program

4. Interview with Administrative Services Program Director

5. A minimum of one-year of classroom teaching experience (a minimum of three years is required before the Administrative Services Credential can be awarded)

The following summarizes the requirements for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential recommendation and Master of Arts in School Administration through NDNU:

1. Successfully complete required courses (includes any required prerequisites)

2. Possess a valid teaching or services credential

3. Complete three full years of teaching or services experience with a valid credential

4. Once employment as an administrator in a California public school district, nonpublic school or agency, or county office of education is validated, the State of California will issue an Administrative Services Credential. If the credential candidate does not have an offer of employment as an administrator, a Certificate of Eligibility will be applied for and issued.


Required Courses                                                                                                    Units


Core Courses:                                                                                                  

EDU4600                   Financial Management                                                             3

EDU4604                   Human Resource Management in the School/District            2

EDU4606                   Leadership Concepts                                                                3

EDU4609                   Organization and Management                                                3

EDU4700                   Trends in Curriculum Development                                        3

EDU4703                   Educational Assessment and Evaluation                                 3


Practicum-based Courses:                                                                                       

EDU4621                   School/Parent/Community Relations                                     3

EDU4624                   School Law, Governance, and Politics                                    3

EDU4627                   Program Initiation and Implementation                                  3

EDU4718                   Contemporary Topics in Technology Leadership                     3

EDU4881                   Capstone Course in Administrative Services, Tier 1 Program  1


Total Unit Requirement                                                                                         30

Clear Administrative Services Credential Level II


Joanne Rossi, Ed.D.

Program Director

(650) 508-3710


Notre Dame de Namur University offers an excellent program designed to facilitate the induction and professional development of beginning administrators and to fulfill the California Teacher Credentialing Commission requirements for the completion of the Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential – Level II. The program is a collaborative endeavor among the candidate, employing district, and NDNU, offering a choice of learning opportunities based on candidate and school district assessed needs.


This induction, mentoring, university course work, and advanced fieldwork program are based on an assessment of the candidate’s skills and knowledge and are individualized to fit the specific needs of each candidate and school. During the program, the candidate will work in a personalized mentoring and coaching relationship, engage in reflection, and receive guidance and support while undertaking a new leadership role. Each semester course will also require Level II class time to reflect on the planning, implementation, and evaluative activities. All Level II candidates will complete and present a Professional Portfolio at the end of the program.


Required Courses                                                                                            Units

EDU4000                   Advanced Administrative Leadership Concepts                     3

EDU4001                   Clinical Field Leadership Activities and Applications            3

EDU4002                   Balanced School/District Leadership in Instruction              3

and Management

EDU4003                   Clinical Field Applications to Ensure Student Success          3


Total                                                                                                                       12

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