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Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential (Elementary School)

Dr. Robert Ferrera
Program Director
(650) 508-3531

The Department of Education offers a program of professional preparation for the California Multiple Subject Credential, approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. This credential authorizes service in self-contained classrooms usually in an elementary school setting. NDNU's Multiple Subject Credential Program is postbaccalaureate and requires a full fifth year, or 33 semester units, of study. The concurrent program at NDNU offers students the opportunity to complete the professional course work and two student teaching experiences within a calendar year. NDNU students enrolled in the credential program may articulate up to 12 units toward the Master of Arts in Education degree.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of a Preliminary Multiple Subject Credential

  • Candidates will be able to engage and support all students in learning.
  • Candidates will be able to create and maintain effective environments for student learning.
  • Candidates will be able to understand and organize subject matter for student learning.
  • Candidates will be able to plan instruction and design learning experiences for all students.
  • Candidates will be able to assess student learning.
  • Candidates will be able to develop as professional educators.

Multiple Subject Credential (elementary) candidates spend one semester of student teaching at the primary level and one semester at the upper elementary grade level. These student teaching experiences are in culturally diverse schools with students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds and take place at two of the many public school districts with which we have contracts.

School districts occasionally offer qualified Multiple Subject candidates the opportunity for a paid internship in lieu of student teaching, provided that 120 hours of subject specific course work has been completed. Subject to Program Director approval, students may complete student teaching at a WASC-accredited private school.

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 15 semester units of credit at Notre Dame de Namur University, including at least one semester of student teaching in the teacher preparation program in order to be recommended for a teaching credential.

The following summarizes the requirements for the preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential recommendation through NDNU. Asterisked items are required for advancement to student teaching or internship eligibility:

1. *Prerequisite: Verification of 40 hours of pre-acceptance field experience by completing NDNU’s course, EDU2006, or by teaching or volunteer experience completed with appropriate age in a school setting. Provide the original form signed by the site supervisor, or provide official letter of verification from the site.
2. Successfully complete student teaching and required courses
3. Pass the Performance Assessment for California Teachers (PACT), including a full Teaching Event in math and three content area tasks in literacy, science, and history-social science (CAT)
4. *Passage of Basic Skills Requirement (e.g., CBEST or for more options, see
5. *Verification of Subject Matter Competence (e.g., CSET in Multiple Subjects)
6. *Verification of fingerprinting clearance on file with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (also called a “Certificate of Clearance”). For more information, see
7. *Copy of negative TB test result from within two years
8. *Signed NDNU Release of Liability Form
9. Verification of meeting the U.S. Constitution requirement by exam, course work, or CSU degree
10. CPR training in infant, child, and adult; training must meet standards of American Heart Association or American Red Cross and be current at time of credential filing.
11. Pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) by the end of your program.

Required Courses Units
EDU4100 Psychological and Developmental Foundations 3
EDU4104 Sociological and Multicultural Foundations 3
EDU4107 Foundations for Teaching English Learners 3
EDU4110 Special Education for the Classroom Teacher 2
EDU4113 Technology Applications in Education 1
EDU4116 Health Education 1
EDU4119 Assessment in the Classroom* 2
EDU4330 Elementary Reading/Language Arts: Primary Grades* 3
EDU4333 Elementary Reading/Language Arts: Upper Grades* 3
EDU4336 Curriculum - Elementary Math* 2
EDU4339 Curriculum - Social Studies/Science* 2
EDU4342 Student/Intern Teaching/Seminar – 1st semester 4
EDU4345 Student/Intern Teaching/Seminar – 2nd semester 4
Total Unit Requirement  33

*These courses involve working directly with students in an approved classroom setting.  Therefore, concurrent enrollment in either EDU4342 or EDU4345 is required.

Articulation with the Master of Arts in Education
NDNU students enrolled in its credential programs may articulate up to 12 units toward a master’s degree. Interested candidates should contact the Program Director of Master of Arts in Education for more information.

Obtaining the Professional Clear Teaching Credential
Teachers who have taken graduate coursework elsewhere as part of their induction program for the Professional Clear Credential may transfer up to 6 semester units of recent coursework toward the Master of Arts in Education. Consult with the Director of the Master of Arts in Education Program for information regarding approved induction courses.