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Introduction to Notre Dame de Namur University

Nature of Catalog

This Catalog is a complement to the Student Handbook and to information on the University website (“documents”). Together, these documents serve as a guide to many of the student programs, policies, procedures, requirements and resources of the University. These documents do not form a contract with the student: tuition, student fees, course and course contents, curricular requirements and other matters referenced or set forth in these documents or otherwise related to students are subject to change at the discretion of the University at any time, during or after registration or course enrollment, and with or without notice or written confirmation.

Please note that only the President of the University may provide authorized final interpretation of the contents of these documents and definite determination of their appropriate application to the particular circumstances of any individual matter.

Additionally, the University assumes no liability, and hereby expressly negates the same, for failure to provide or delay in providing educational or related services due to a cause(s) beyond the control of the University. These causes include, without limitation, financial issues, power failure, fire, strikes, damage by the elements, other acts of God and acts of public authorities. While the University believes that the information contained in the Catalog and Handbook is accurate at the time of publication, the University does not guarantee absolute accuracy. Please direct questions to the appropriate administrator in case of doubt or confusion.

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