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Undergraduate Grants and Scholarships

Need-Based Grants and Scholarships

NDNU provides grants and scholarships to qualified full-time undergraduate students who may demonstrate financial need. Most scholarship awards are based on a combination of academic excellence, exceptional promise, leadership, service, athletic, or artistic ability and demonstrated need.  Most may be renewed annually. Cumulative grade point average, activities, and leadership qualities are also reviewed. There is no separate financial aid application for these scholarships.

Merit Scholarships

Presidential Scholarship:

These scholarships are valued at $26,000 per year and are awarded to highly meritorious entering freshmen and transfers. During the first year, the Presidential Scholars will earn up to an additional $2,000 while serving as interns to the president, vice president, or deans.

Provost Scholarship:

These scholarships are valued at $16,000 per year and are awarded to meritorious freshmen and transfers.

Emerging Artist Talent Scholarships in Art, Writing, Music and Theater:

These scholarships are valued up to $9,500 per year for entering freshmen and transfer students demonstrating talent in art, music, theater, and writing.

Note: These scholarships will become part of regular financial aid awards based on student’s eligibility for additional funds from NDNU and other agencies. Students will receive the value of the highest scholarship available to them. NDNU will guarantee a minimum of the value of the NDNU scholarship to those candidates selected for the award with the understanding that students receiving outside grants and scholarships exceeding their financial need may see a reduction in this award if required under federal regulation (this happens rarely).

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