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Open Video and Image Sources


Moving Image Archive: A large collection of movies, films and videos that are all free to use.

The Open Video Project: A repository of open access digitized videos for education and learning purposes.


Flickr: Creative Commons: A collection of images published on Flickr using a Creative Commons license.

Getty’s Open Content Program: A wonderful collection of more than 4,500 images released under an open license in August 2013.

NY Public Library Digital Gallery: Open access to over 700,000 digital images from the new York Public Library’s collections.

OpenGLAM Collections: List of openly licensed datasets from several cultural institutions. All collections provide digital scans or photos that can be freely used without any restrictions.

U.S. Government Photos and Images: A vast collection of photos and images from the U.S. Government, many of which are in the public domain and free to use.

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