Judith Doktor, Ph.D.

Program Director, Master of Arts in Special Education, Preliminary Education Specialist Credential


  • Postdoctoral Fellow. College of Education, Dept. of Special Education, University of Kansas, 1993-1995.
    • School Affiliated Programs (wrap around services)
  • Ph.D., Policy Development and Program Evaluation. Peabody College of Education and Human Development, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee, 1993.
    • Minor Education Policy Reform
  • MA,  Public Policy Strand. University of Hawaii, 1987.
    • Certificate in Planning
    • Post Graduate Credits in Educational Administration and Special Education (ABD Public Policy)
  • MA,  Social Science. SUNY-Binghamton, New York, 1972.
    • Post Graduate Credits in Public Administration
  • BA, Psychology and Special Education. San Jose State University, California, 1968.
    •  Completed 1 semester student teaching in 1st Grade

Research and Interests

  • Autism Research and advocacy
  • Special Education policy and reform
  • Professional development schools and school-university partnerships
  • Experiential education and service learning
  • Inclusionary practices
  • Whole school RTI implementation


Articles in Refereed Professional Journals

  • Doktor, J and Poertner, J (1996). Kentucky Family Resource Centers: A Community Based School-Linked Service Model. Remedial and Special Education Vol. 17, number 5 pp. 293-303
  • Doktor, J. (2009) Do Mandatory Service Learning Requirements Increase Empathy towards Children With Special Needs? National Social Science Proceedings Vol 41 No.3 pp 60-71
  • Doktor, J. (accepted for publication Spring 2010) The mutuality of interests between professional developments school partners. The Journal of the National Association of Professional Development Schools.
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  • Swanke, J., Dreuth Zeman, L., Doktor, J. (under review).Promoting Consumer Self-Determination among Social Work Graduate students Through a Virtual Community of Practice.
  • Doktor, J  (Accepted for publication 2010) Attitudes toward Special Learners among General Education Teacher Candidates.  Journal of Urban Education
  • Doktor, J; Dreuth Zeman, L (accepted for publication Spring 2010).General education teacher candidate dispositions towards students with exceptionalities following service learning with inclusion in an urban school. Journal of Education and Social Justice.

Book Chapters Accepted for Publication

  • Doktor, J .and  Dreuth-Zeman, L ( Spring 2010) Integrating Mothers Views of Resources that Foster Growth for Children with ASD into Policy in Douglass,E (ed) “Current Trends in Child and Family Policy” Littlefield Press.


  • Sage Press (present)
  • AERA reviewer (present)
  • MWERA reviewer (present)

Thesis/Dissertation Research

  • The Early Implementation of family Resource and Youth Service Centers in Kentucky: A Multi-Frame Perspective.


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