Kimberley Garth-James, DPA

Assistant Professor, Public AdministrationKimberley Garth-James

Special accomplishments: Dr. Garth-James has been a public servant for about 20 years serving. Appointments include consultant, the California Governor’s Office Criminal Justice Planning, and State Senate (Appropriations, Ethics and Joint Committees on Penal Code and Prisons); Department of Defense and US Embassy (Immigration Visa) in London, UK; Consultant to the US Department of Justice (OJP) and Independent Observer of Prison Industries; Victims’ Policy Advisor, US Sentencing Commission; and, Commissioner, Human Rights/Fair Housing Commission, California.

She’s an international Speaker on public-private partnerships, and eLearning. Author of three books found at, Amazon and B&N(or Google Search “Kimberley Garth-James”), and eLearning and Community of Inquiry Model for Global Learners Journal of Education Research (2014), and conference presentations including ITASTED, EEE in Government, (NSF Sponsored), and ISSORB as well as various articles in Sage Encyclopedia of Criminal Justice Ethics (Privacy & NSA), Sage Encyclopedia of Economics & Society (Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Policy Networks, and MOOCs) 2015, publication; and , founder of a student-centered website

A public servant for about 20 years. Appointments as policy consultant at the California Governor’s Office Criminal Justice Planning, US Embassy, London, and the California Legislature (policy and fiscal committees). Body of work includes working with the United Nations on human rights policy, and eLearning in global education. An international Speaker on public-private partnerships, and author books at Amazon,, and articles in Sage Encyclopedias on Privacy & NSA, Immigrant Entrepreneurship, Racial Profiling and MOOCs.

Interests: Playing with my grandson, 60 mile bike rides, 2 mile runs and drinking tea and chatting with students.


  • Doctor Public Administration. Golden Gate University. 1994.
  • MBA, Marketing. Columbia Southern University. 2014.
  • M.A., International & Multicultural Education. The Jesuit USF. 2012.
  • MPA, Administrative Organization & Management. GGU. 1982.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Thomas Pyzdek Institute. 2014.
  • CEU/MCLU Unites in Sexual Assault, Rural Issues in Sexual Assault, and corrections

Research and Interests

  • Public Policy Decision Making (criminal justice, sentencing reform)
  • Statistical Processes and Capacity Building (governments, businesses, nonprofits)
  • Field of Research Methods and Pragmatism
  • Race, Ethnicity and Rights of Hard-to-Serve (women, LGBT, immigrants)


  • California Department of Education, Superintendent’s Data Analysis Award, 2006
  • International Ambassador’s Award, Oxford, England, 2006
  • YWCA Outstanding Women’s Award, 2000

Professional Affiliations

  • UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • UN Public Administration Network
  • Elk Grove City Chamber, 2013
  • California Faculty Association, 2012
  • Alliance of Crime and Criminal Justice (United Nations)
  • American Association of University Professors , 2012
  • American Society for Public Administrators, Elections Task Force Member, 2009
  • Correctional Education, 2012
  • National Nonprofit Association, 2006-2008
  • KY Nonprofit Initiative, 2006-2008
  • California, Academy of Criminal Justice Research, 2006
  • International Society for Business and Professional Women, 2000


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