Patricia Davis-WickPatricia Davis-Wick, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor, School of Business and Management

Tish Davis-Wick has worked and taught in academic institutions and in non-profit, public, and private sector organizations for over 30 years. Her areas of deepest interest lie in human relationships and interactions that significantly affect the lives and businesses of working adults. As such, she has worked with groups and individuals in a myriad of settings, teaching courses such as managing cultural and human diversity, human services, conflict management, leading organizational change, business strategy development, women in business, communication and stress management.

Tish has worked and traveled throughout the world focusing primarily in the Pacific Rim—Korea, Japan, Okinawa, Indonesia and the Philippines. During that time, her focus was on helping U.S. Military employees understand and manage the cultural diversity facing them while stationed in a foreign country. She was also involved in and committed to the first “bussing” integration intervention in the Texas Public Schools, moving Caucasian, African American and Latino students into mixed “home schools”, while she worked as a teacher and program administrator. Tish has owned her own business for the last 23 years, consulting in organizational and employee development, executive coaching and client services.


  • Ed.D., Education and Business Administration. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
  • M.S.Ede, Education Counseling Psychology. University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
  • BA, Classical Languages (English Literature). Texas Technological University, Lubbock, TX.
  • Professional Credential, Executive Organization Development Program. Columbia University, New York, NY.

Courses Taught

  • BUS 2000—Management Principles/Organizational Behavior
  • BUS 2012—Business Leadership
  • BUS 2016—Change and Conflict Management
  • BUS 2616—Project Management
  • BUS 4000—Organization/Management Theory
  • HSP 2203—Communications Skills
  • HSP 2209—Introduction to Human Services
  • HSP 2239—Human Relations in Organizations
  • HSP 2248—Managing Cultural Diversity
  • HSP 2254—Stress in the Workplace

Areas of Expertise

  • Organization Change Management
  • Executive Coaching and Consultation
  • Strategic Planning and Plan Implementation
  • Systems Process Analysis and Design
  • Team Design, Structuring and Development
  • Organization, Business Training and Development


  • The Consulting Enterprise: Change Management for Internal Staff; 2013
  • Implementing Project Solutions and Developing Quality Metrics for Solid Change; 2009
  • The Advanced Consulting Enterprise:  Organization Change for Senior Management Staff; 2009
  • Creating Calm in the Eye of the Storm; 2008
  • Leading Project Teams That Produce; 2006
  • The Informed Client:  Getting the Results You Pay For; 2005
  • The Mind and Heart of Change, Volumes 1, 2 and 3; 2004
  • Elements of Organization Design and Alignment; 2002
  • Growing the Self:  Work as an Arena for Individual Development; 2000
  • Hardwired Systems and the Integration of Change; 2000
  • The Consultant/Client Relationship: Impacting the Bottom Line; 1998


  • “Managing Anxiety during Challenging Times”; 2011
  • “Strategic Planning, Budget Cuts and Vision”; 2009
  • “Radical Hospitality—Membership and Tone in a Welcoming Congregation”; 2009
  • “The Loose: Tight Tension of High Performance Teams”; 2009
  • “Dealing with Conflict and Resistance in Your Organization”; 2009
  • “The Humanness of Systems”; 2004
  • “Leading Change to New State”; 2004
  • “Paradigm Shifts that Move Learning Forward”;2001
  • “I’m Not Your Mother:  Moving Accountability to the Other Side of the Desk”; 2001
  • “Preventing the Preventable:  Using Early Warning Systems”; 1984