Pearl Chaozon Bauer, Ph.D.

Pearl Chaozon BauerAssistant Professor, Department of English


  • Ph.D., English. University of California at Davis. June 2015.
    • Designated Emphasis: Critical Theory and Research
    • Dissertation: “Performative Subversions: The Epithalamium, Sappho, and the Victorians”
  • MA, English. Pennsylvania State University. May 2005.
    • Master’s Thesis: “The Wreck of the Deutschland: An Epithalamion”
  • BA, English and French. Bucknell University. May 1999.
    • Honors Project: “Regeneration: New Readings of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando”

Research and Interests

  • Victorian poetry and culture
  • Feminist, queer, gender and sexuality studies


  • HArCS Dean’s Summer Fellowship Award, Davis Humanities Institute, 2014
  • Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship, UC Davis Department of English, Winter 2014
  • University Writing Program Graduate Writing Fellow for 2013-2014
  • UC Davis Professors for the Future Program for 2013-2014, Selected Fellow
  • Dissertation Fellowship, UC Davis Department of English, 2013
  • Graduate Student Travel Award, 2013
  • Consortium for Women and Research Graduate Travel Award, 2013
  • UC Davis 2012 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, Winner

Professional Affiliations

  • British Women Writers Association
  • Modern Language Association
  • North America Victorian Studies Association
  • Northeast Modern Language Association


Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • “‘Freeing to Do Their Best’: Examining Writing in First-Year Seminars.” Across the Disciplines Fall 2015. Co-authored with Chris Thaiss and Kara Moloney.
  • “‘Churchill’s Grave’: A Critical Response to Wordsworth’s Excursion.” The Byron Journal 39:1 (2011).
  • “An Unpublished Letter from William Wordsworth to C. H. Parry.” Notes and Queries 52 (2005): 472-473.

Art Exhibit Review

“The Cult of Beauty: The Victorian Avant-Garde 1860-1900.” Journal of Victorian Culture Online. 11 May 2012. Web. Solicited review of the art exhibit “The Cult of Beauty” at the San Francisco Legion of Honor.


  • “Disability and Poetry: “Writing” the (Dis)abled Body in Poetry.” Northeast Modern Language Association. Hartford, CT March 2016.
  • Making Whole: Victorian Prosthetics of Sappho’s “Loose Limbed, Mutilated” Fragments.” North American Victorian Studies Association. London, Ontario November 2014
  • Michael Field’s Long Ago: Engendering the Epithalamium Genre.” Michael Field Centenary Conference: New Directions in Fin de Siècle Studies. London, UK. July 2014
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