Vince FitzgeraldVince Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Director, Core Program

Chair and Professor, English


  • Ph.D., English Language and Literature. University of Southern California.
  • MA, English. Georgetown University.
  • BA, English. University of California, Berkeley.

Courses Taught


  • Advanced Writing
  • American Literary Movements/ Beat Writers
  • American Literary Movements/ Realism and Naturalism
  • American Novel
  • California Literature
  • Composition and Classics of World Literature
  • Composition and Introduction to Literature
  • Composition, Literature, and Critical Thinking
  • Composition and Reading
  • Contemporary American Fiction
  • Great American Writers/Faulkner
  • Great American Writers/ Melville
  • Great British Writers/ T.S. Eliot
  • Human Experience/ Borders and Thresholds
  • Human Experience/ Currents and Contexts
  • Human Experience/ Dramatic Revolutions
  • Modern World Literature
  • The Romantic Revolt/ Wordsworth
  • Seminar in the Humanities (co-directed with Ardavan Davaran, Ph.D.)
  • Senior Seminar in English
  • Survey of American Literature, Pre-Colonial to Reconstruction
  • Survey of American Literature, Realism to Post-Modernism
  • Teaching Assistantship, Writing Center
  • Writing Center


  • Contemporary and Post-modern Literature
  • Linguistics (For Educators)
  • Linguistics, Semiotics, and Stylistics
  • Writing: Theory and Practice


  • George M. Keller Teaching Excellence Award, Notre Dame de Namur University, May 2003

Professional Affiliations

  • Modern Language Association
  • American Literature Association

Publications and Presentations

  • “Progressive Degeneration, Degenerative Progress, and Morbid Genealogies in the Age of American Literary Naturalism.” Paper presented at the American Literature Association National Conference, San Francisco, May 2008.
  • “The Flipside of Evolution: Frank Norris’ Vandover and the Brute and Ernst Haeckel’s Biogenetic Law.” Paper presented at the American Literature Association Symposium on Naturalism, Newport Beach, California, October 2007.
  • “Havelock Ellis, Degeneration, and The Contemporary Science Series.” Paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, Kansas City, April 2007.
  • “Learning Outcomes Assessments: From Initiation in General Education to Incorporation in University Infrastructure.”  Presented with George Klemic, DBA, and Greg White, PhD, at the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Annual Meeting, San Jose, April 2007.
  • “Tim O’Brien’s Magic Show: Narrative Sleight-of-Hand in In the Lake of the Woods.” Paper presented at the American Literature Association National Conference, San Francisco, May 2006.
  • “A mere bundle of egotism, ignorance, and red-headed `lewdness’: Harold Frederic’s Degenerate Aesthete.” Paper presented at the American Literature Association National Conference, Boston, May 2005.
  • “The Female as Degenerate: Arrested Development, Neurasthenia, and Reproduction in Late 19th Century American Texts.” Paper presented at the American Literature Association National Conference, San Francisco, May 2004.
  • “Human Experience and Human Heritage: Integrating Diverse Faculty and Core Content, Values, and Competencies to Convey and Serve the Mission of the University.”  Paper presented with George Klemic, DBA, and Darth Cabrol-Easton, MA, at the Western Organization and Management Teaching Conference, Pepperdine University, February 2004.
  • “Linguistic Approaches to Yasmina Reza’s Art.” Paper presented at the Seminar of the Humanities, Belmont, California, August 2002