Advising and Registration

Continuing Students: You are encouraged to enroll during the Advance Registration dates, since some classes may become full prior to Final Registration, and others may be cancelled if advance enrollment is insufficient.

New Students: You will receive registration instructions in the mail.

Academic Policies

First Class Meeting

If unable to attend the first class meeting, the student should contact the instructor or the department administrative assistant to secure a place in the class.

Dropping and Adding Courses

A change of registration becomes effective only when a Drop/Add form is signed by the major advisor and filed with the Registrar’s Office. Changes made after the start of classes also require the instructor’s signature. A student may not drop a course simply by discontinuing attendance. Undergraduate students who do not follow the required drop procedure will receive a final grade of F.

Note: Instructors reserve the right to refuse late adds at any time after the start of classes.

Add/Drop Deadlines

(See also Refund Policies)

Fall Semester 2016

Day and Evening 15-week courses

Last Day to Add– before 3rd class meeting

Drop– Tuesday, September 13

Withdraw – Wednesday, November 2

7-Week Courses

Term 1

Add – Tuesday, September 6

Drop – Tuesday, September 13

Term 2

Add – Tuesday, November 1

Drop – Tuesday, November 8

Spring Semester 2017

Day and Evening 15-week courses

Last Day to Add – before 3rd class meeting

Drop– Tuesday, January 24

Withdraw – Wednesday, March 22

7-Week courses

Term 1

Add – Tuesday, January 17

Drop – Tuesday, January 24

Term 2

Add – Tuesday, March 21

Drop – Tuesday, March 28

Summer Term 1 2017

Last Day to Add – before 3rd class meeting (15-week courses)

Drop – Tuesday, May 23

Summer Term 2 2017

Last Day to Add – before 3rd class meeting (15-week courses)

Drop – Tuesday, July 11

Short Courses and Workshops

For courses less than three weeks in duration, adding and dropping must be completed prior to the first class meeting.

Withdrawing from a Course

Following the drop deadline, undergraduate day students may withdraw from a semester length course up to the Wednesday of the tenth week of the semester. No withdrawal will be accepted after that day. Such withdrawal requires the approval of the Student Finance Office, the instructor of the course, the student’s academic advisor, the Coordinator of Immigration Services in the case of international students, and the Registrar.

Graduate and intensive students have up to, but not including the last class meeting to withdraw.

Failure to Drop or Withdraw

Students are responsible for enrollment in and withdrawal from their classes, and for attending all classes in which they enroll.