Institutional Review Board

Sample Debriefing Statement


Thank you for your participation in this research on (specify, e.g., parent-adolescent communication regarding eating behavior).  The following is an example only-describe in lay terms the purpose, predictions, current findings, what you will learn from this, etc. Written, multiple-choice/scale questionnaires were used for both adolescent and parent participants in this study.  The goal of the questionnaires was three-fold: to gather information on adolescents’ current body image and eating behaviors, to assess adolescent perception of direct parental communication regarding body image and eating behavior, and to evaluate the degree to which an adolescent’s perception of direct parental communication regarding body image and eating behavior corresponds with parents’ own self reports.  Whether an adolescent perceived positive or negative parental communication, it was hypothesized that adolescent body image and eating behavior would be positively correlated with, or move in the same direction as, the adolescent’s perception of direct parental communication regarding body image and eating behavior.  The degree to which adolescent perception of parental communication corresponded with parents’ own self reports was also examined in order to assess whether it is parent communication or simply adolescent perception of parent communication that influences adolescent body image and eating behavior.  If you would like to learn more about adolescent body image and eating behavior in the context of direct parental communication, please see the references listed below.* If you feel that you need assistance with body image or eating behavior-related feelings or experiences as a result of this study, please contact your school counselor, who has received all information regarding this study or for information and referral services.

Current research has found that (specify findings).  Your participation was important in helping researchers understand the (specify).

Final results will be available from the investigator, (your name), by (your date) May 1, 200X.  You may contact me at (contact info here) to receive an email copy of the final report.  All results will be grouped together; therefore individual results are not available.  Your participation, including your name and answers, will remain absolutely confidential, even if the report is published.

If you have any additional questions regarding this research, please contact (information above).

*Note to investigator: You will need to provide a Help List/List of Referral Services, with the agency’s name, address, telephone number, and email or website contact.  This must include ethnically, linguistically and sexual orientation organizations.