Schedule Legend


M Monday T Tuesday W Wednesday
R Thursday F Friday S Saturday
U Sunday

On-Campus Locations

CA Carroll Apartments CC Campus Center CH Chapel
CL Educ. Curriculum Library CU Cuvilly Hall EL Early Learning Center
GH Gavin Hall GY Gymnasium HR Herzo Recital Hall
HS High School KA Kane Apartments JB Julie Billiart Hall
MA Madison Art Center MU Music/Herzo OA Oaks Apartments
RA Ralston Hall Annex SA Student Affairs SB SoftballDiamond
SC Soccer Field SJ St. Josepth’s Hall SM St. Mary’s Hall
TA Taube Center TC Tennis Court TH Notre Dame Theatre
WC Writing Center/Campus Center WG Wiegand Gallery in MA

Off-Campus Locations

AB Abbott Middle School BE Bellarmine High School LC Learning Curve, Foster City
PA Palo Alto Unified School District SM San Mateo County Office of Education

Course Codes

CBL Community-Based Learning course CDiv Satisfies the Cultural Diversity requirement CL Satisfies the Culture and Language requirement
WAC Writing-Across-the-Curriculum course. May require concurrent enrollment in EN-120