Admission Requirements for the Ph.D. program in Art Therapy

What documents are required to apply to NDNU?

A complete application to NDNU contains:

  1. Completed Graduate and Doctoral Application for Admission
  2. Official transcripts from colleges and universities attended, including one transcript showing a master’s degree from an accredited university in art, art therapy, creative art therapy, psychology, or related field such as counseling or social work
  3. Completed Assessment of Academic Work for Required Prerequisites and Art Therapist Registration form.
    1. One of the following is required:
      1. Registration as an Art Therapist
      2. Completion of academic work required for registration as an Art Therapist
      3. Partially completed academic work with full completion required before end of the first year of doctoral work
    2. The following graduate-level courses with a grade of “B -” or better in the following subject areas are required:
      1. Assessment
      2. Counseling and psychological theories
      3. Cultural and social diversity
      4. Human growth and development
      5. Psychopathology
    3. The following courses are required and can be completed at the baccalaureate or graduate level:
      1. Studio art (18 semester units or 27 quarter units)
  4. Professional resume or curriculum vitae showing a minimum of two years clinical work in the field
  5. Portfolio of 10 to 12 color images of personal art work representing a range of media. Portfolios may be submitted on paper or on a disc with JPEG or PowerPoint images.
  6. Autobiographical statement that includes experiences and personal background in the field of art therapy and outlines interest in the Ph.D. Program, 2 to 3 page and double spaced
  7. Three letters of professional recommendation
  8. One published article or scholarly academic writing on an art therapy or psychology subject in a publication acceptable form
  9. In-person interview with NDNU faculty in the Art Therapy Department