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Transfer Admission Requirements

Evaluating the whole applicant.

NDNU accepts transfer applicants at all levels: freshman, sophomore, junior and senior.

At NDNU, we take the time to read every page of every application that comes through our office. You are not just a number at NDNU. Rather, our admissions process is designed to allow us to get to know each applicant individually, and to allow the applicant to become intimately acquainted with the experience they’ll have at Notre Dame de Namur University.

Notre Dame de Namur University welcomes applications from all students regardless of religious preference, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age or financial need. Each applicant is evaluated on the basis of academic and personal achievement.

Baseline Transfer Admissions Requirements

The following are baseline requirements for transfer admission to NDNU. Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • Completion of high school or equivalent.
  • Good academic standing at the student’s most recently attended college or university.
    • Students who have been academically disqualified or dismissed from a college or university in the last seven years must attend another institution and complete at least 12 semester-units of credit with a 2.0 GPA or better before they may be considered for admission at NDNU.

Additional Subjective Requirements

Having met the above baseline requirements, students are considered for admission to NDNU based on the following subjective criteria. The minimum requirements for admission may change from year to year, and may become more selective as the term approaches. Applicants are encouraged to apply early to enjoy the most comprehensive consideration for admission.

  • Academic preparation and ability, including GPA, test scores (if required) and the difficulty of the student’s academic workload
    • The average transfer GPA for admitted students last year was approximately 3.0. Many students with GPAs both above and below the average were admitted. GPA is just one of several factors.
  • Extracurricular accomplishment
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Personal character
  • Fit with the mission and values of Notre Dame de Namur University

Major Requirements

The following programs have additional requirements for admission:

  • Students majoring in Musical Performance must audition with the faculty of the Music Department
  • Nursing (2+2) applicants must meet elevated GPA and test score requirements, and must submit two letters of recommendation focusing on the student’s aptitude for nursing

Additional Requirements for International Applicants

International applicants are required to submit additional documents in support of your application. Please see our webpage for international applicants to make sure that you submit all of your required transcripts and test scores correctly.