Tuition and Fees 2014-2015

Description Amount

Application Fees and Deposits

Application Fee – Undergraduate (nonrefundable) $50.00
Application Fee – Graduate (nonrefundable) $60.00
Non-Matriculation/Unclassified Fee (nonrefundable) $50.00
Undergraduate FT Enrollment Deposit (nonrefundable)* $400.00
Undergraduate PT Enrollment Deposit (nonrefundable) $200.00
Graduate Enrollment Deposit (nonrefundable) $100.00
International Deposit (refundable only if refused visa) $1,200.00
*includes Housing Application Fee

Tuition and Fees

Undergraduate Day Tuition (per year) $31,422.00
Undergraduate Day Overload (per unit charge over 18 units per semester) $1,014.00
Undergraduate Part Time Day (1-11 units — per unit) $1,014.00
Professional Studies/Evening (1-18 units — per unit) $577.00
English for International Students (EIS) Courses (per unit) $577.00
Credential Programs (per unit) $667.00
Master’s Programs in Education (per unit) $757.00
Master’s Programs (including online, excluding Education; per unit) $830.00
Doctoral Program (per unit) $918.00
Post-bac Premed Program Tuition (per unit) $1,014.00
Graduate Certificate Programs (per unit) $415.00
Summer Music Theatre Conservatory
       Undergraduate (per unit) $1,014.00
       Graduate (per unit) $830.00
       Late audition fee $100.00
Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Course Tuition Variable
Undergraduate Audit Rate 50%
Senior Citizen (65+) Rate 50%
SND Undergraduate Tuition Discount 100%
Note: Discounted rates are only available for regularly scheduled courses; not applicable to fees, workshops, events, etc.

Student Fees

Student Activity Fee (undergraduate 12 units or more — per semester) $125.00
Student Services Fee (undergraduate 1-11 units, professional studies and graduate —
     per semester – fall, spring) $35.00
Resident Fee – per semester (for those living in University Housing) $75.00

Room and Board

Meal Plan #1 (11 meals/wk — +$400 flex – per semester) $2,081.00
Meal Plan #2 (15 meals/wk — +$300 flex – per semester) $2,190.00
Meal Plan #3 (19 meals/wk – +$200 flex – per semester) $2,256.00
Meal Plan #4 (7 meals/wk – +$100 flex – per semester) $1,360.00
Housing Application Fee (nonrefundable one-time fee) $200.00
Triple Occupancy in Standard Room (per semester) $3,236.00
Double Room (per semester) $4,057.00
Triple Apartment  (per semester) $4,577.00
Double Apartment (per semester) $4,880.00
Single Room/Quad Single (per semester) $4,681.00
Housing Sanctions/Damages Variable

Student Summer Rates

Double Room/Triple Apartment (per week) $250.00
Double Apartment/Single Room (per week) $317.00
Half Room Single (per week) $317.00

Other Fees

Parking Fee (per year – resident students) $160.00
Parking Fee (per year – commuter students) $120.00
Parking Permit Replacement $10.00
Parking Violations Variable
Orientation Fee (undergraduate full-time, on entry) $175.00
Transfer Orientation Fee $60.00
Online Orientation Fee $0.00
Late Registration Fee $150.00
Cancellation (Drop) Fee $200.00
Music Lesson Fee (undergraduate and graduate
               — per semester) $684.00
Education Supervision Fee (EDU4230,4342,4345 — per course) $200.00
Challenge Fee (per unit) $100.00
International Fee — (undergraduate and graduate
              one time) $500.00
Re-activation Fee $25.00
Lost ID Cards $10.00
Lost Library Book/Other Equipment Fee (plus replacement cost) $20.00
Graduation Audit Fee after first deadline $80.00
Graduation Audit Fee after second deadline $160.00
Graduation Audit Fee after final deadline $240.00
Credential Audit Fee (applicable to later graduation fee) $35.00
Credential Audit Fee for Professional Clear Credential only $80.00
Academic Certificate Completion Audit Fee $25.00
Teacher Performance Assessment Fee $250.00
Administrative Services Program Assessment Fee $75.00
Special Education Program Assessment Fee $75.00
Transcript Fee $10.00
Transcript 24-hour service fee (plus transcript fee) $30.00
Employer Deferral  and Document Fee (per trimester) $100.00
Bad Check Charge $25/$35
Learning Disability Testing Fee (Full) $1,500.00
Learning Disability Testing Fee (Partial) $600.00
Printing Fee (6c per page after 250 free pages per student per term)

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