Performance Certificate

The Performance Certificate is a graduate-level program intended for young artists who have fulfilled their undergraduate and/or graduate degree require­ments and are seeking performance experience as they make the transition from student to professional. Candidates are admitted to the program through au­dition in addition to the University’s standard application and acceptance process. An undergraduate degree in the track is not required, but competencies and supporting knowledge in all prerequisite areas are determined through audition and placement evaluation at entrance to the program. Stu­dents admitted to the program whose proficiencies in any area are found below preprofessional standard take remedial courses at the appropriate level in addition to the 24 units of Certificate study until these proficiencies are met.

The Performance Certificate comprises 24 units, including a 16-unit common core for all tracks. Students are advised into the elective courses and applied performance workshops specific to the particular tracks. Tracks may include vocal, musical theatre, instrumental, or collaborative piano performance.

See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions.


NDNU Admissions

Debra Lambert
Chair, Department of Music and Vocal Arts

Mathew Royce