Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. Students have the opportunity to create an academic track tailored to their interests, with concentrations in Cell and Molecular Biology or Organismal Biology. Graduates with a B.S. in Biological Sciences will be able to apply for Medical Schools, Dental Programs, Pharmacy Schools as well as to Graduate Programs in the field. Graduates of NDNU’s Biological Sciences program have continued their education at many well-respected universities, and have worked for pharmaceutical companies, clinical and forensic laboratories, the Armed Forces, and various elementary, middle, and high schools, colleges/universities, and athletic facilities.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the Department of Natural Sciences also exposes students to fields related to and beyond his/her own. Students also have the opportunity to participate in community-based learning projects in environmental science and/or elementary education.

See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions.

Admission Requirements

NDNU admits students for fall and spring semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.


NDNU Admissions

Monica GuhaMajumdar, Ph.D.
Chair, Natural Sciences Department

Jeff M. Day
Advising Analyst