Modern Languages and Cultures Program

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures offers minors in French studies and Spanish studies and the opportunity to create interdisciplinary majors and minors. By providing a range of courses in the language, culture, literature, film and business of the French- and Spanish-speaking worlds, the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures enables students to acquire proficiency in the target language and to gain insights into other cultures.

Students are encouraged to gain practical experience outside the classroom by engaging in internships with international companies and agencies both in the USA and abroad.

The university’s mission and vision are at the center of the courses taught by the Department, especially global peace, social justice and community engagement through service learning.

The Modern Languages and Cultures Program prepares students for careers in international business, education, diplomacy, travel, and translation.

See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions (culture and language, French, Italian, Spanish).

Study Abroad

Study Abroad is highly recommended and is a popular way for students to hone their language skills, experience living in another culture and undergo significant personal growth. Study Abroad programs are available in the French- and Spanish-speaking areas of the world and are open to all Notre Dame de Namur University students.

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Admission Requirements

NDNU admits students throughout the year for fall, spring and summer semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.


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Hélène Laroche Davis, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures