Religious Studies

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers a minor in Religious Studies. Our religious studies faculty understands that the central dynamic common to all religious traditions is a transcendent concern for justice, compassion and community. Accordingly, the Department strives to develop in students of whatever conviction an understanding of the essential nature and function of the religious dimensions of life.

The Department thinks that intelligent religion also respects the wonderful gifts of the human body, mind, heart and spirit and seeks the enhancement of the whole person.

In an atmosphere of academic freedom and honest search for truth, the Department pursues knowledge of the variety and richness of religious beliefs and practices throughout history and the contemporary world. It recognizes that the study of religion involves

  • a disciplined intellectual inquiry into religious thinking and feeling
  • an appreciation of diverse religious expression in symbols, myths and rituals
  • an awareness of the potentially pathological perversion of religion gone awry
  • a challenge to reflect and decide on life’s ethical issues in a personally and socially responsible way.

All religious studies classes reflect distinctive teaching styles, corresponding to the specialized interests of its faculty and the academic and spiritual needs of students, as well as their diverse learning styles. In such an ecumenical community of learners and teachers, the Department seeks to move beyond dogmatism and expand otherwise limited notions of faith and practice by asking hard questions of contested ideas emerging from various religious traditions, including especially the student’s own religious heritage.

Religious Studies minors go on to graduate school and seminary and also to teaching in Catholic education, working for non-profits, human rights organizations, political organizations and many other fields.

See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions.

Admission Requirements

NDNU admits students for fall and spring semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.

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NDNU Admissions

Marianne Delaporte, Ph.D.
Academic Unit Leader Religious Studies


Mary Ashley, Lecturer

Enrico Beltramini Ph.D., Lecturer

Mary Criscione, Ph.D., Lecturer

Kenneth Hamilton, Ph.D., Lecturer

Cassie Lipowitz, Lecturer