Theatre and Dance Performance Calendar

All performances are at the NDNU Theatre, 1500 Ralston Avenue in Belmont, unless otherwise noted.

Additional information coming soon!

NDNU Theatre and Dance Festival
August 21 – 29

Tickets $8 for single show, $15 for two or all evening shows. $40 for festival pass to all shows. NDNU students free.

Children’s Theatre Festival, August 22 and 23, 1 p.m.

“Susie Macaroni,” with story and songs by Karen Byrnes. A music infused story about a little girl growing up in San Francisco, guided by her fun loving “silly Grandma” and fueled by mac & cheese with lifelong effects.

“Camp Run-A-Mucca” by Karen Byrnes. Summer campers, healthy eating, fresh air, exercise and forging new friendships prove to be a summer that’s out of this world.

Winners and finalists of children’s playwriting contest about kid inventors. Directors, R. Dutch Fritz and Karen Byrnes. Ages 8-10: “THE AMAZING, NEW, EFFICIENT, MAGNETIC WAY OF TRAVEL!!!” by Clarissa Lai; “The DreamBot Infinity” by Abbey Wong; “Teamwork” by Max Stallings, Luke Holmes and Charlotte Padmore. Ages 11-14: “Infringement” by Jeremy Pitzer; “The Secrets of the Rockaway Crystal” by Charlotte Kane; “The Healing” by Sophie Chung.

Adult’s Theatre and Dance Festival, August 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 6:30 p.m. weeknights and 6 p.m. weekends

Friday, August 21: 6:30 “Steel City”; 7:00 “Lone Star”; 8:00 “Acid Attack”; 9:30 “Wandering”

Saturday, August 22: 6:00 “The Pipes are Calling”; 7:30 “Lone Star”; 8:00 “Steel City”; 9:00 “Acid Attack”

Sunday, August 23: 6:00 “Wandering”; 7:30 “Acid Attack”; 9:00 “Lone Star”

Wednesday, August 26: 6:30 “The Pipes are Calling”; 8:00 “M”; 9:30 “Steel City”

Thursday, August 27: 6:30 “Wandering”; 8:00 “The Lady of the Lake”; 8:30 “Steel City”; 9:30 “M”

Friday, August 28: 6:30 “M”; 8:00 “New Ground Full Steam”; 8:30 “The Lady of the Lake”; 9:30 “In Quest”

Saturday, August 29: 6:00 “In Quest”; 7:30 “New Ground Full Steam; 8:00 “The Lady of the Lake”; 9:00 “The Pipes are Calling”

“New Ground Full Steam” by Coleen Lorenz and New Ground Theatre Dance Company. New Ground Theatre Dance Company performs new creations on a steampunk theme.

“In Quest” by Iris Kokish. ** Reality and the world of computer role playing collide with terrifying consequences.

“The Lady of the Lake” by Karen Byrnes. A spirit has haunted Stow Lake, in SF, since 1908, looking for her lost child. Ms. Byrnes’ short play delves in the story behind this 100 year old mystery.

“Wandering” by Megan Wadley. ** A young lady of privileged classes finds greater meaning for life, among the clouds, caught up in an uprising staged by a brotherhood of daring airship revolutionaries.

“The Pipes Are Calling” by Denis Yudin. ** A dashing young revolutionary, fighting a system that oppresses and categorizes its citizens has his idealism and ethics challenged as he learns that notions of freedom are as fickle as the personalities who define them.

“Steel City” a triology by Daniel Guyton. ** Are expression and inspiration the privilege only of human intelligence or does the universe demand more than existence from all sentients?

“M” by Jeannie Barroga. ** Ms. Barroga’s mind-teasing play ponders the persistence of love across dimensions.

“Acid Attack” by Che Enrique Munoz Ramierez. ** A violently cruel act in the name of tradition punishes a young woman for wanting an education equal to men. Yet her pain and humiliation turn to inspiration that leads to a path none would have thought possible.

“Lone Star” by James McClure. Vietnam vet, Roy and little brother Ray reunite over Texas long-necks, popcorn and Mars Bars, until a woman comes twixt them embodied in Roy’s vintage, pink, Ford T-bird, in McClure’s tale about the cruelty of time and the enduring ties of blood.

** Indicates juried Playwrights’ contest finalists; their challenge was to write steampunk themed and/or styled plays. They are competing for a $1,000.00 prize. You get to help choose the winner.

Evening shows may contain adult language; under 17 with adult advised. Wear your favorite steampunk gear to get in for half price and have your picture displayed in our lobby for a chance to win an autographed copy of Abney Park’s Retro-Future Vagabond Vinyl Album and other cool gear.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile
October 9 – 18

NDNU Muves
October 30

A Christmas Carol: A Gift to the Community
December 11 – 20

Student Showcase
February 11 – 13

Twilight Los Angles 1992
April 8 – 17

NDNU Muves
April 28 – 30

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