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Tips to finding an Internship?

  • Take a career assessment to learn more about your skills, interests and work values. Visit the Career Center for more information.
  • Create a picture of your ideal internship experience. Start by visualizing your day working as an intern. What are you doing first thing in the morning? How are you dressing for work? What are you doing as an intern? What qualities does your supervisor have? What is the work environment like? Be as specific as your imagination will allow. The more specific you can be in this exercise, the more clarity you will find. Keep a journal of your thoughts.
  • Talk with your advisor and/or favorite professor.
  • Do an “Informational Interview” to learn more careers and internship options (guidelines available in the Career Center).
  • Think “Outside the Box.” Don’t limit your possibilities–expand them!
  • Create or update your resume and cover letter. Visit the Career Center for resources and assistance.
  • Use your network. That is anyone you know–friends, family, co-workers and classmates.
  • Visit the Career Center to view Internship Binders.
  • Sign up for MonsterTRAK to view online internship postings.

Useful college internship websites

What should my resume look like?

Your resume is the one document that sets you apart from everyone else in the pile. The resume must be clean, concise and complete. It must “paint a picture” of you, what you’re all about and what you want to do as you move forward in life. Here are a few sample resume styles: look at each of these and use the one that best fits you!

Any advice on internship interviews?

Interviews can be very intimidating, but they can also be very interesting and fun. Here are few documents that discuss various kinds of interviews, the pitfalls and do’s and don’ts of interviewing, and networking with others in your field.

On-campus Recruiting Opportunities

During the fall and spring semesters we provide opportunities for employers to meet our students on campus. Please contact the Career Center for more information: or 650-508-3667.

Internship Contacts

Dr. Sujata Verma
SBM Internship Coordinator

Carrie McKnight
Director, Career Center