Human Services

What Students Are Saying About The Courses

Professional Writing

“Lifesaving. I hadn’t written a paper in decades and my skills needed extensive retooling.”
“This class really showed me the importance of clarity when writing.”
“I needed this class; it brought the love of writing back to me, making it a positive experience.”

Human Services

“This drove home the importance of ethical behavior and professional responsibility, not only in the workplace, but also throughout our lives. So often people become conflicted when a business decision challenges one’s own morality and ethical fabric and we need to maintain our “spiritual compass” at all times in order to be at peace with ourselves and those we love.”
“My eyes were opened to the vast opportunities available to those who wish to make a difference in the world.”
“This class taught me that Human Services is really about helping other humans and taking an intimate approach to what you do. It pulls on the heart strings.”

Communication Skills

“I will always cherish the emotional and spiritual connection we all shared as we navigated the pitfalls of unhealthy communication and its usual genesis.”
“Through planning, practice, and proper execution, I gained confidence in my ability to speak well in front of an audience and to communicate effectively both on a public and individual level.”
“Thanks to this course, I am more aware of my interactions with others and able to communicate in multiple ways.”
“I learned a lot about myself; I can now deal with other people’s problems without allowing mine to get in the way. It also gave me public speaking techniques and knowledge that will help me greatly in the business world.”

Human Services Financial Management

“I never really knew of paid attention to financial management issues; after this class, I was fully aware.”
“This class taught me about the financial aspects of business and allowed me to see what’s behind the face of any organization. I feel that I could now go to any business and execute a business plan effectively.”

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

“The content was fascinating and I always left questioning something, or wanting to share what I learned.”
“I now have the ability to use critical thinking skills that will not only help me in the business world but also in my personal life.”
“I know how to remain ethical at all times in dealing with diverse ethnic, cultural, gender, and various backgrounds people come from.”

Social Research Methods

“This class pushed me further and harder than any other class in my undergraduate career, but it was the most developmental as well. I wrote a 75-page document that rivals anything I have ever drafted in my life. The confidence that I now hold is invaluable. I can move on to graduate school with all of the resources firmly instilled, thanks to this curriculum.”
“My focus was around a faith based question. I enjoyed the community involvement in seeking out respondents and learning about the question in multiple journals.”
“I found the measurement tools and past research to be invaluable in supporting or refuting a hypothesis. The instructor was very effective and was able to ease our fears and keep us focused.”

Senior Seminar

“I learned so much about problem solving and project management; enough so that I have started my own business and it is thriving.”