Human Services

What Students Are Saying About The Program

Choosing a school like NDNU offered me the opportunity to follow through with a program that gives meaning to people’s lives… improving them is part of what I’ll be doing when I graduate. (May 2012 graduate)

The Human Services [degree has been] an excellent platform from which to prepare myself for a career in service. The curriculum at Notre Dame de Namur has provided outstanding training to continue my aspiration for a life of service to others. (December 2011 graduate)

The Human Services Degree at NDNU has been an inspiration and beautiful compliment to the person that I have become. Each class and its contents resonated on a deep level within me. (May 2012 graduate)

Over the past two years at Notre Dame de Namur University, I have had an incredible experience in every one of my classes; the knowledge that I have gained… has far exceeded my expectations… [and] my understanding of and devotion to ethical issues has become more important to me now than it has ever been before. (May 2012 graduate)

Coming to Notre Dame de Namur was the greatest decision I have made and graduating is going to be my greatest accomplishment. NDNU has given me the skills I need to be a successful, well rounded human being. (May 2012 graduate)

I feel like NDNU has prepared me to have the job that I have always wanted. (May 2012 graduate)

I have always had a passion for learning and the past three years at NDNU have reinforced my personal views on the tremendous benefits of continued learning. My ethical foundation has grown and continues to grow with the desire to serve. (December 2011 graduate)

I can’t say enough about what an amazing program it is. As a 50-year-old college dropout, the confidence that the Program Director had in me was a huge shot in the arm. I am forever telling women I meet who are similarly situated that it is never too late to go for it and finish their education too. (December 2011 graduate)

Since my admission to Notre Dame de Namur University, I have found my education to be a life-changing experience. The program itself is designed with such thought that everyone can benefit beyond pure academics. (December 2011 graduate)

This has been the most transformative experience of my life; the degree represents so much more than just a letter of completion. It encompasses the trials and tribulations, smiles, tears and moments of panic, and the difficult growing pains of when you have become a better person. I thank NDNU and the amazing individuals who run this program for who I am today. I will keep growing and changing, but won’t forget my time here. (December 2012 graduate)