List of Active Clubs and Organizations

  • Accounting Club: Focuses on educating students about the great opportunities in the field of accounting as well as provide a way for students to meet and network with accounting professionals within the community.
  • Black Student Union: BSU works to bring cultural awareness of the African-American community to NDNU and the surrounding community.
  • The Bohemian:
  • Chess Club:
  • Drama Club: A performing arts-oriented group that encourages experiencing various forms of Theatre Arts ranging from films to improvisation to workshops and more.
  • Graduate Art Therapy Student Assoc. (GATSA): Serves to promote the field of Art Therapy. GATSA is focused on outreach, advocacy and fostering art therapy community.
  • I Am That Girl (IATG):
  • International Students Association
  • Latinos Unidos: Works to establish a foundation of unity and understanding among the diverse cultures of NDNU.
  • Rainbow Connection: Recognizes the social and political issues surrounding gender and the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender community. We are all-inclusive: any person, regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation, is welcome.
  • Student Athletic Advisory Council (SAAC): SAAC is the voice of the NDNU student athletes. This committee hopes to involve the student body in athletics and increase community engagement and service.
  • Students 4 Sustainability: Promotes a healthier earth, organic lifestyle, sustainability and environment.
  • The W.A.Y. (We Accept You):

Student Leader Positions

  • Student Assembly: The official student governing body of the University. The purpose of Student Assembly is to represent and provide for the general welfare of the Student Body and the University.
  • Programming Board: This board develops and provides quality programs and events that are accessible and relevant to the needs of the NDNU community.
  • Resident Assistants: Students who work within the halls to create programs for residential students
  • Spirituality Team: This team works with the Center for Spirituality to promote the personal and spiritual development of NDNU students.
  • The Bonner Leader Program: The NDNU Bonner program is committed to development of NDNU students into social activists with an understanding of effective leadership techniques, a deeper sense of civic commitments, and a profound appreciation for equality in all of its forms.

Honorary Societies and Organizations