Orientation – Frequently Asked Questions

Email Accounts

How can I activate my NDNU email account?
You will be sent an email to the email account you provided with instructions on how to set up your NDNU email. During your New Argo Orientation Day session, you will learn some great tips on how best ways to use your email, the NDNU Portal, and other campus systems.

How do I check email?
The “Quick Links” section is at the bottom of the NDNU web page where you can select “Student Email.”

What if I forget my password?
Contact Office of Information Technology (OIT) at 650-508-3555.

Do I have to use my NDNU e-mail account?  I already have an existing address.
All University communications to students are sent to official NDNU student email accounts, so you are encouraged to use and check your account regularly.


When is my housing application due?
The sooner the better! Preferably, any time prior to June 1. However, freshmen are required to live on campus, so a housing assignment will be assigned to the student unless the student has filed an exemption form that has been approved by University Housing.

When will I get my housing assignment?
Information regarding housing assignments and roommates will be mailed during the month of July.

What are the dimensions of my room?
To view the layout of the different types of rooms, please go to University Housing. The square footage can be found on the floor plans for each room.

Can I tour a residence hall room?
A tour of each of the residence halls is usually included during one of the Orientation Sessions. This session will also provide time for any other questions concerning the students’ living situations.

How long are the beds? I heard that I need special sheets.
All beds in New Hall are filled with extra long twin mattresses that measure 38″ X 80″ and generally use sheets designated as “Extra-Long Twin” on sheet packages.

The Apartments, JB and St. Joe’s mattresses are typically 38″x74″ and use the common “Twin” sheets.

Purchasing extra-long twin sheets is recommended because it is easier to tuck than it is to stretch!

New Argo Orientation Days and Golden Fleece Week

What is Golden Fleece Week?
Golden Fleece Week is separate from the New Argo Business Day session that you must attend during the summer. More information

Do I have to come to campus over the summer for Orientation?
Yes. Orientation is the best way to understand, navigate and acclimate to the NDNU campus. Students who attend Orientation will  have the opportunity to register for their Fall semester classes. Students who attend Orientation will also have access to academic advising.

When will I register for fall semester classes?
During your summer Orientation session.

Do I have to take any placement tests?
Yes. You will have to take the Math Placement Assessment during your New Argo Orientation Day session. Also, students may need to take the Modern Language Placement exam if they are planning to receive a bachelor of arts (BA) degree, and did not satisfy the exempt requirements in high school.

Can I get a printed copy of the Golden Fleece Week schedule?
You will receive a draft schedule via email over the summer.

Health Insurance

Am I required to have health insurance?
NDNU requires that all students have accident and sickness insurance. Students in these categories must either enroll in the NDNU Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan or complete a signed waiver form and submit it to Student Affairs prior to the first day of class. Students must have insurance in order to move into University Housing. A new waiver form must be submitted annually or after a break in studies.

Where can I obtain the insurance waiver form?

You can download the waiver form on the Counseling and Health Services insurance page.

How often do I need to fill out a waiver or enrollment form?
Insurance information must be submitted each academic year.

How do I purchase the student health insurance?
The enrollment form can be downloaded from the Counseling and Health Services insurance page or brochures are available in Health Services.

Who is eligible to enroll in insurance?
Undergraduates taking at least 6 units and graduates taking at least 3 units.

Who keeps track of my insurance information?
Students are responsible for notifying Counseling and Health Services of any changes to their insurance coverage. They are kept on file in Counseling and Health Services.

Student Accounts

Who should I contact with questions about tuition and fees, billing and payments?
You can contact the Business Office with questions on your student account, billing statements and payments. 650-508-3564

Undergraduate Move-In

What should I bring to campus?
Along with your housing assignment and roommate information, you will receive a list of essential items to bring along, as well as a list of very unnecessary (and prohibited!) items to leave at home.

Can I ship items to campus?
Unfortunately, we will not have access to many of the rooms due to our Summer Conference and Events guests, and we do not have the storage room to hold students’ belongings prior to their arrival. If students need to mail any belongings, they should plan on coordinating the arrival of their belongings with the check-in date.

Does NDNU recommend a particular cell phone carrier?
Verizon works the best on campus, but can be a little fuzzy inside some of the residence halls.

When and where should I arrive on move-in day?
Check-in takes place in the Quad outside St. Mary’s on August 23, 2017

Will there be students to assist with move-in? 
Resident Assistants (RAs) will be available to walk students to their rooms, help to fill out the Room Condition Report (RCR) and answer any other questions they may have.

Where can family stay while in Belmont? 
NDNU does not have overnight accommodations available during the summer session. There are a number of convenient accommodations in the immediate area of Belmont. Overnight Accommodations.

When should family plan on leaving?
Golden Fleece Week events begin after New Student Move-in and the student and family reception Wednesday evening, August 23, and runs through the beginning of classes (including the weekend). Students will be in workshops during the day, and special events are planned in the evenings.

Services for Students with Disabilities

How do I know if my condition is considered to be a disability and if I qualify for accommodations?
If you received accommodations and/or modifications in high school or at another college or university and have a documented disability.

How are reasonable accommodations determined?
Accommodations are determined by the Disability Services Specialist at NDNU in conjunction with faculty. The Disability Services Specialist is Alice Wong and she can be contacted directly at awwong@ndnu.edu or 650-508-3670

What is the procedure for requesting academic/testing accommodations at NDNU?
The Disability Services Specialist is Alice Wong and she can be contacted directly at awwong@ndnu.edu or 650-508-3670