Office of Spirituality (Campus Ministry)

Julie Billiart
Sister Julie Billiart
Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur

Mission Statement

Guided by the spirit of the Sisters of Notre Dame, the Office of Spirituality seeks to honor the many religious traditions and spiritual paths in our community by providing diverse opportunities for tending the sacredness in ourselves, each other and the world, and work and learn collaboratively with community partners to bring about a more just society and positive social change. We are a community of students, staff and faculty who work together to support this vision.

Liturgies and Programs

*All opportunities are open to all students. Students of all spiritual, religious and cultural backgrounds are welcome.


Community Masses are on Sundays at 7pm,and Wednesdays at 6pm in the Chapel. We welcome student participation in all aspects of the liturgy. Students are invited to help plan liturgies and to serve as a Eucharistic Minister, lector, greeter or member of the music ministry team.


The Office of Spirituality offers retreat programs for all students throughout the academic year. In the Fall, a Busy Person’s Retreat and the Fall Student Retreat take place. The Busy Person’s Retreat is on campus and students, faculty and staff can meet one time per day for a week with a spiritual director for retreat and reflection. The Fall Student Retreat takes place over a weekend with students going to a Bay Area retreat center for two nights for a time of prayer, reflection and building community with other NDNU students. A confirmation retreat takes place in the spring for students who will be confirmed and a retreat is also planned for students who are attending alternative spring break programs.

Volunteer/Service Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities are planned throughout the year. The Office of Spirituality typically offers one day opportunities for students to volunteer and engage with our community partners at the Half Moon Bay Catholic Worker, Habitat for Humanity, local schools, soup kitchens and more. Students have the opportunity to meet the people at these sites, be involved with the work of our community partners and reflect on their experiences.

Students in circle on groundIndividual Spiritual Direction

Individual Spiritual Direction is offered by the Office of Spirituality. This is a practice of sitting with another and making time and space in one’s life to talk about one’s life story, discerning how God is working in one’s life and/or where and how one is being called. Some people come for spiritual direction regularly on a monthly basis and others come for a shorter period of time if they have had a major change happen in their life or the life of a loved one, an important decision to make, or simply need a listening ear and safe space to share their story. Please contact the Office of Spirituality if you are interested in receiving spiritual direction.


Have you received some but not all of the sacraments? Have you thought about receiving the Sacraments of Eucharist or Confirmation? The Office of Spirituality will be offering sacramental preparation again in the spring semester. At that time, there will be classes and retreats to prepare students who would like to receive the Sacraments. To register or for more information, please contact the Office of Spirituality.


Young Christian Students

This group meets weekly for Faith Sharing, Bible Study and Praise and Worship. This group is facilitated by students, for students, with students leading prayer, singing, music, reflection on scripture, and sharing about life in the context of the Christian Faith.

Spirituality Interns – Student Leadership Opportunities

A team of four student interns works with the Office of Spirituality Staff to assist in meeting the spiritual needs of the NDNU community and creating opportunities for the students to engage in liturgy and prayer, social justice, spiritual growth programs, and foster a deeper understanding of the Notre Dame Hallmarks. Students on the team are asked to serve for a minimum of one year and to have a desire to grow spiritually in their own life. Persons of all faith and spiritual traditions are invited to apply to become a part of the team.  Student interested can apply here.

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