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Student Affairs/Dean of Students


The Division of Student Affairs provides services and programs which contribute to the mission of the university, supports the well-being of each student and nurtures the community aspects of campus life. In collaboration with our academic colleagues, community partners and other service providers, we focus on student development and the type of life-long learning which enriches the mind, body and spirit of all who are part of Notre Dame de Namur University.

Policies and Procedures


The Office of the Dean of Students maintains a strong interest in diversity and equitable outcomes for all students. Students are always welcome and encouraged to report any concerns to the dean. Confidentiality is available in most cases.

Reporting a student’s behavior or conduct

If you would like to make a report regarding a student’s behavior or conduct, you may do so using the form provided via the link below. This report will be sent to the Dean of Students Office and copied to other pertinent staff. The Dean of Students Office will follow up on the report or route it to the appropriate office. For instance, a report concerning a traffic violation will be forwarded to Public Safety.

If you are concerned about a student, you may use the same form to express this concern by selecting the pertinent “Student of Concern” boxes. These “Students of Concern” reports will be received by the dean of students and the director of counseling and health services.

If you are reporting some form of sexual misconduct, this report will be received by the dean of students.

Submit a conduct report


For further information on any of these programs, please contact:

Marsh-Allen Smith
Dean of Students
Fax: 650-508-3492

Megan Fox
Assistant Dean of Students

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