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Student Development and Standards Office


The mission of the Student Development and Standards Office is to foster personal growth and community safety by holding students accountable for conduct which is inconsistent with the Student Conduct Code and the Core Values and Hallmarks of NDNU. Programs regarding prevention and education take place throughout the year. These aim to help students make mature decisions which are in their own and the community’s best interests.

The Student Development and Standards Office:

  • Upholds the Student Conduct Code through adjudicating cases or arranging for cases to be adjudicated
  • Educates the campus community about the Student Conduct Code & the Conduct Process
  • Develops programs to educate about alcohol and illicit drugs
  • Recruits, trains and works with the Student Conduct Board
  • Incorporates NDNU’s Core Values & Hallmarks in all its work
  • Aims to help students get back on track and be successful
  • Approaches each case in a fair and transparent manner.

Faculty, staff and students may consult with the assistant director of Student Development and Standards about any student behavioral issue. Academic misconduct cases are most often dealt with by the Schools and Faculties in which they occurred. For more information regarding academic misconduct, please refer to p. 10 of the Student Conduct Code.

Reporting a student’s behavior or conduct

If you would like to make a report regarding a student’s behavior or conduct, you may do so using the form provided via the link below. This report will be sent to the Student Development and Standards Office and copied to other pertinent staff. The Student Development and Standards Office will follow up on the report or route it to the appropriate office. For instance, a report concerning a traffic violation will be forwarded to Public Safety.

If you are concerned about a student, you may use the same form to express this concern by selecting the pertinent “Student of Concern” boxes. These “Students of Concern” reports will be received by the dean of students and the director of counseling and health services.

If you are reporting some form of sexual misconduct, this report will be received by the dean of students and the assistant director of Student Development and Standards.

Submit a conduct report

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Gillian Wallace, Ph.D.
Assistant Director of Student Development and Standards

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