Sr. Dorothy Stang Scholars Program for Faculty

Faculty Engagement Objectives

Our Faculty Engagement initiatives provides the infrastructure and resources to institutionalize and support Community Based Learning and Community Based Research by:

  • identifying and maintaining relationships with community partners
  • offering faculty resources for course planning, professional development, and connecting with community partners
  • providing student-led projects with support and leadership development
  • acting as communication nexus for community partners, faculty, staff and students engaged in community based learning

Community Based Learning (CBL) and Community Based Research (CBR) at NDNU are designed to enhance student learning through connecting academic learning and community engagement. It does so by creating partnerships in the community with organizations that help students achieve learning goals while simultaneously affecting positive change in that community. Our Faculty Engagement services provide professional development and mentorship to faculty and community members as they work together to develop CBL/CBR courses, with the goal of creating a community of social justice activists.

Faculty Scholars

The Sr.Dorothy Stang Scholars Program was established for faculty interested in teaching community based learning/research courses (CBL/CBR). These scholars are selected annually through a competitive application process and learn “best practices” of CBL/CBR by participating in professional development and mentoring activities. Currently, there are nineteen scholars who represent NDNU’s three schools, both undergraduate and graduate studies, and fifteen disciplines. The goal of the Sr. Dorothy Stang Faculty Scholars Program is to develop a university-wide community of faculty scholars at NDNU.


Faculty Member Discipline UG/G Course
Christine Bennett Modern Languages
Darth Cabrol-Easton First Year Experience
CJ Kalin Business
Helen Marlo Clinical Psychology
Kelley Vaughn Education


Faculty Member Discipline UG/G Course
Patti Andrews History/Political Science UG World History
Judy Buller Communication UG Media Literacy (FYE)
Monica GuhaMajumdar Natural Sciences UG Environmental Justice (FYE)
Jordan Holtzman Business UG CBR and Statistics


Faculty Member Discipline UG/G Course
Stephen Cole History/Political Science UG HST2440: Environ History/Justice
Michael Elkins Theatre UG THE1059: Introduction to Arts Management


Faculty Member Discipline UG/G Course
Vince Fitzgerald First Year Experience UG ID0010: The Human Experience
Laury Rappaport Art Therapy G GPY4205: ADV Human Development
Sujatra Verma Business UG BUS2216: Bus Anal Using Spreadsheets


Faculty Member Discipline UG/G Course
Jackie Berger English G ENG4994: CBL Pedagogy
Marianne Delaporte Religious Studies UG REL2425: Liberation Theologies
Isabelle Haithcox Nat Sciences/Liberal Studies UG PHY2000: Science in Action
Robert Poplack Art UG ART2635: Gallery Techniques
Bobby Vaughn Sociology UG Guadalajara Summer Project