Biological Sciences Teacher Preparation Program

Program Overview

The Biological Sciences Teacher Preparation Program (BSTP) is an integration of NDNU’s B.S. in Biological Sciences with the 5th year single subject science teaching credential program. It offers undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a baccalaureate degree and a single subject teaching credential simultaneously in four years. Students complete their general education coursework and the majority of their biological sciences coursework in the first three years. Foundation credential courses are taken in summer after junior year. Students must pass California Subject Examinations for Teachers (CSET) by May after junior year in order to continue with two semesters of student teaching and methods courses in the senior year. BSTP students also have a unique opportunity to articulate 15 credential units towards the M.A. in Education, graduating within 5 years with an undergraduate degree, a credential and a master’s degree.


  1. Candidates receive a BS in Biological Sciences and a Single Subject Science Teaching Credential in four years. It is a rigorous program for students who are certain that a teaching credential is what they want to pursue.
  2. Faculty members are vibrant, passionate, and highly skilled subject matter experts and educational leaders with diverse and unique academic expertise. Courses are designed based on progressive and innovative best practice and in accordance with the values of social justice, diversity, community, and dignity that are outlined in the Hallmarks of a Notre Dame Learning Community.
  3. Candidates are able to complete biological sciences coursework in both organismal biology and molecular biology with supporting coursework in chemistry. A capstone research experience provides students with experience in experimental design, data collection, and analysis.
  4. Field supervisors are highly trained in best practices in pedagogy, lesson and curriculum design, and valid and reliable assessments. Each field supervisor provides extensive feedback through 1:1 dialogue with candidate to maximize success.
  5. Candidates are able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of subject matter by successfully preparing and organizing subject matter for K-12 student science learning.
  6. Candidates have the opportunity for student teaching in a variety of districts and classroom settings with a diverse student population.
  7. Candidates are able to develop the behaviors and skills as professional science educators.
  8. NDNU graduates are among the most sought after teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area and get placed in the most desirable jobs and districts.

Admission Requirements

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