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Commencement Ceremonies (Graduation)

If you wish to participate in the ceremonies you must:

  1. Complete program coursework by graduation or have 6 or fewer units left to complete beyond the spring semester.
  2. Submit the Recommendation Application form (above) before February 1.
  3. Submit the Petition to Walk in Commencement-Credential StudentPDF before February 1. Master’s candidates and master’s/credential students should obtain a master’s petition form from the Registrar’s Office.

Note: Master’s students and master’s/credential students are subject to degree audits, processed by the Registrar’s Office. Degree audits have strict deadlines with financial penalties as applicable. Please be sure to find out the deadlines that apply to you.

For those enrolled in master’s degree programs:

Admissions and Financial Aid

Other Links


  • Current Listing of Teaching Positions, see NDNU Career Services 650-508-3667

Program Handbooks

Program handbooks are currently under revision

Candidates are responsible for being aware of the policies, requirements, timelines and deadlines noted in their program handbooks. Information about credential filing and academic planning are provided in your handbook. Please contact your program advisor if you have any questions regarding your program plan. Hard copies are available in the Credentials Office or the Education Office.

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