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Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

NDNU’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program is a popular undergraduate major and is designed for students planning a career in education. While tailored for those interested in teaching elementary school, there are opportunities to work with middle school students. Since the foundation level credential courses are the same for both populations, this major is a good fit for students who want to pursue the single subject credential. The program is specifically designed to present the student with a wealth of academically rigorous and intellectually stimulating courses in relevant content areas. Interdisciplinary in nature, students do substantial work in language studies, literature, culture and language, mathematics, natural science, history and social science, the arts and human development.

NDNU offers two pathways for students to earn the BA in Liberal Studies and the Multiple Subject Credential:

  1. The Blended (Accelerated) Liberal Studies BA/Multiple Subject Credential Program: This unique program is designed specifically for undergraduates who have decided early that they want to be teachers, allowing them to pursue a combined BA/Credential in four years. This program provides early fieldwork experiences in education and structured support. Due to the rigor of the program, candidates will need to meet stricter requirements to be admitted to the program. Learn more about the course requirements.
  2. Traditional Liberal Studies BA: This program prepares you to begin taking teaching credential coursework in your senior year in order to complete the bachelor’s degree in liberal studies. Should you wish to complete the Preliminary Multiple Subjects Credential, you will be able to apply upon completion of the bachelor’s degree and complete the remaining credential coursework in only two semesters. It provides a similarly structured pathway towards the credential for students needing a bit more flexibility in their curriculum. See the NDNU General Catalog for program requirements and course descriptions.


  • Students have the opportunity to participate in education fieldwork during their first year in order to solidify their interest in teaching.
  • Students have the opportunity for continuing fieldwork and student teaching in a variety of districts and classroom settings including NDNU’s Lab School, an elementary school with a diverse student population who benefit from NDNU student teachers in every classroom and specially trained master teachers at every grade level.
  • NDNU graduates are among the most sought after teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area and get placed in the most desirable jobs and districts.

Admission Requirements

NDNU admits students for fall and spring semesters. Please visit Admissions for complete admission requirements.


NDNU Admissions

Stephanie Demaree, Ed.D.
Program Director

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