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Program Requirements: Blended and Traditional Liberal Studies Programs

Language Studies                              

  • Advanced Writing
  • Linguistics
  • Ways of Speaking


  • Algebra for College
  • Math for Elementary Teachers I
  • Math for Elementary Teachers II CCS

Natural Science and Technology                                  

  • Intro to Biology (with Lab)
  • Science in Action

Social Science

  • World Geography


  • American History
  • California History

Arts and Humanities                                          

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Children’s Literature
  • Teaching the Arts across the Curriculum
  • Religions of the World

The Arts

  • Art Education Concepts OR
  • Children’s Theater

Human Development

  • Intro to Education: Practicum in Teaching
  • Senior Seminar in Liberal Studies (traditional only)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Physical Education in the Elementary School

Some foundations credential courses are taken during the summer prior to senior year for the blended program in order to allow the last year for the methods and student teaching courses.

The following courses are credential level courses that are taken as part of the Blended and Traditional Liberal Studies pathway in order to accelerate the student’s time to degree. Blended students can complete both programs in four years while Traditional students can complete both programs in five years by applying and being accepted to the credential program.

Traditional and Blended Courses

  • Psychological and Developmental Foundations
  • Sociological and Multicultural Foundations
  • Foundations for Teaching English Learners
  • Special Education for the Classroom Teacher
  • Technology Applications in Education
  • Health Education

Blended Courses

Traditional students may take these in the fifth year if accepted into the credential program.

  • Elementary Reading/Language Arts: Primary
  • Elementary Reading/Language Arts: Upper
  • Curriculum – Elementary Math
  • Curriculum – Social Studies/Science
  • Assessment for the Classroom Teacher
  • Student/Intern Teaching/Seminar – 1st semester
  • Student/Intern Teaching/Seminar – 2ndsemester

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